1. Doesnt help that those holding or wishing to hold PVs are stereotypically weirder than your average person with an equally weird lifetstyle.

  2. Weird lifestyle and interests? Can you please tell me everything?

  3. Imagine the most streotypical nerd in school who looks very docile but probably owns a Naruto-themed kamasutra manga. And he can run fast and do 40 pushups. Plus he uses his clearance and job as a status symbol and revolves his life around his clearance, yup, his fucking clearance. That's your typical PV holder.

  4. ARC Troopers are more frequently deployed as elite, highly trained front-line combatants. Clone Commandos are more specialized for covert operations in four-man squads, often behind enemy lines and without much in the way of backup.

  5. Sindrian Diktat IMO. Has the potential to outlast everyone, reminds me of the Ptolemaic Egypt, picked a small but central and lucrative piece of real estate and consolidated all its power there instead of aggressively expanding. Outlasted all its rivals.

  6. The unironic Diktat apologist 😳😳😳

  7. Apologizing implies they did something wrong. The Diktat did nothing wrong

  8. You wait till the stokers see this thread, they're still working back fixing the embarked forces' shitters because someone flushed baby wipes down the heads.

  9. Puts phone on vibrate and turn on notifications from Reddit

  10. Greenies struggle to find work after navy BECAUSE they’re not electricians and very very few industry groups need electronics technicians . Even getting an apprenticeship in this outside of navy is borderline impossible, especially when there are plenty of electrical engineers who are capable (civilian and unaccredited) ETs.

  11. Can confirm. It is a struggle finding that high six-figure, remote WFH defence contractor job. I have to settle for my flexible-hybrid, lower-mid six-figure job.

  12. Heh, enter bash all lessons, memorise lesson summary, smash out Block Tests, get green TPRs, smash wrans at 10 Block, the Nida experience.

  13. SEMPRO- qualifies you as a non-rapist for 3 years. I still have to wait 1.5 years before I start raping people again.

  14. I just spam Ventures. Enough cargo and fuel to explore the rim worlds, cost-effective maintenance footprint, very tanky and their missile salvos will wipe out anything that tries to ruin your day

  15. Someone didn't take the Bushmaster Drone Launch Operations course in Adele. Do they know you're supposed to drive straight for 270 metres on flat terrain and maintain a speed of 80kph to launch it? Clearly the dig's fault- member to pay.

  16. The Diktat is already well-run. I will not change a thing. Long live the Lion, the pure and incorruptible, lifeblood of Persea, father of lobsters and rightful heir to the cosmos.

  17. I was more envisioning Conscipt Joe Citizen doing a 15-month posting as a crewmember on an Onslaught or Enforcer doing patrols after 9 months of training. More than 12 months on a ship is both long and short, I know the feeling.

  18. This is why everytime I see defencejobs ads that say they are family-friendly, I laugh, roll my eyes and get irrationally angry. Remember this, AC-853 is the new request form.

  19. Kazeron is and will always be in charge lore-wise but I'll humor you:

  20. IMO this ratifcation creates a capability gap that will be exploited by our ancient adversaries, the emus. Remote-controlled claymores presents a signifcant drain in personnel and resources against a much numerically superior and highly motivated emu population.

  21. Who do you enjoy disappointing more, your family or your digs?

  22. I thought ‘on the left’ by sisters in arms was our song?

  23. Bio: Royal Australian Navy veteran experienced in defence and maritime operations. SME in military affairs and international relations with a strong interest/expertise in naval history and warfare

  24. Neither, but I'd choose the Hegemony over the League. At least I know what their intentions with the sector are. Kazeron is too unpredictable. If the Heg disappear, is Kazeron going to disband the League and any influence it held over the other members? I dont think they are going to fade into obscurity so easily.

  25. Where did I say I didn’t what them? I don’t want to crew one but they’re still an amazing capability. Assuming Navy can keep them at sea.

  26. Why are you being booed? You make a great point. Sea service can be a strain to a sailor especially subs, it requires a certain mindset to be a submariner.

  27. Subs can't even go underneath China's landmass, what a waste of money /s

  28. Tall burgers that are too big to hold on one hand, bite or would require a knife and fork are not and should not be burgers. They're a messy abominable manifestation of vanity.

  29. 3 things certain in life: death, taxes and a broken Navantia-made RAN ship making the news

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