1. One difficulty is that, because it's a matte medium worked while wet (water is glossy), gouache changes color/value significantly as it dries.

  2. It's not an art style itself, but designers say these have an "accented monochromatic" color scheme.

  3. What you're describing is a story that starts in medias res. Skipping the setup to start in the middle of the action is a very well-established format and fine to do.

  4. Ever watched Dirty Jobs? It's a niche but has a lot of information on jobs the average person wouldn't know about otherwise. There are various documentaries and series on other fields as well.

  5. What is the main goal of the story (what your reader is trying to find out / why they keep reading to the end), and what is the most obvious way to resolve it?

  6. If you wanted to follow all the "proper" marketing steps, you'd do a test to see how much that community is interested in this idea, like using your concept art to run ads on social media that lead to a landing page about the project (preferably with an email list they can sign up for) or make (non-spammy) posts where your target audience hangs out. Only if there is enough engagement with these tests would you continue producing the product.

  7. This is mostly a passion project, but it's also one I would like to publish one day. I will keep your advice in mind.

  8. No problem. And that's fair enough. For my passion projects, I generally stick with a target audience of "people like me" lol. Makes it easy.

  9. Why not write an anime or a manga instead? Why write something with the hope that it becomes something else?

  10. Random people can't just "write an anime." That's not how it works. Most Japanese animations are based on books and comics that already have a fanbase, not scripts random people send them. They need to justify the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to produce a single episode in that style.

  11. I know random people can’t write anime, thank you for making my point for me (and btw I did not read the rest of this silly post). And just so OP knows, books don’t get turned into animes usually, especially by what I assume is an American.

  12. Be careful using wiki sites geared towards fandom use. Because they're not intended for personal use, you generally don't have control over the data you share there and can never delete it if you later decide against keeping a wiki.

  13. Not a website, but Obsidian MD is a good software for organizing your ideas and linking them together in a wiki-like way.

  14. Pruners sound like highly inefficient people. Why would you worry about sentence rhythm before you even know which sentences will still be there after developmental edits?

  15. I would use the background to balance out the foreground elements. There are various ways to do this, but I'm partial to triangular balancing: elements that are in one spot should be in at least two others, forming a triangle surrounding the focal point. I made

  16. Thank you so much. Do you have any tips on creating restorable back ups? I’ll do some more researching later in the week.

  17. Google Sheets should automatically make a backup for you with every edit. Click file -> version history -> see version history, to open a list of previous revisions.

  18. M&G labels their colors that way (S200 is red, S210 is pink, S300 is orange...), probably other brands using the same manufacturer do as well.

  19. What is the primary goal of the story (the thing the story resolves at the end / what the reader is sticking around for), and when is that brought to the reader's attention?

  20. I’m afraid I still don’t understand… Sorry, I’m not used to these terms and the fact that I’m not a native English speaker doesn’t help

  21. Just be careful with H pencils if your work is drawn at a smaller scale or really detailed. Hard lead can indent the tooth even if you're not pressing down that much, which can make it impossible to take that spot as dark as you want later.

  22. ive been using the same brand of paper for a while since i just bought a lot at once (i know, stupid) and really never thought that was the problem. any paper recommendations for sketching?

  23. The toothiest of toothy paper would be sanded paper (fancy artist-grade sandpaper), which many pastel and pencil artists use. That texture can also be created with a layer or two of Liquitex Clear Gesso.

  24. Just keep in mind ergonomics if you intend to be writing for several hours a day. Typing on a phone for long periods can damage your wrists and eyes over time. Yes, lots of people do it anyway, but it's something to be aware of.

  25. The fundamentals of storytelling are centered around giving one the tools to make an enjoyable and comprehensible experience for the reader, one that they want to keep on coming back to. It's what sells genre novels.

  26. Oh, cool! I was gifted a set of inktense... crayons(??) and they went to the back of the cupboard as they seemed too messy and clunky, but you seem to have got a lovely subtle & delicate aged look going -- i may have to give them another try. Are you making up a pool of ink first and then applying with a small paint brush?

  27. The way I've always heard it is that tone is the voice of the narrator/writer (their "tone of voice") while mood refers to the emotions you're trying to evoke in the reader.

  28. I've noticed that a lot of non-fic writers repackage their works later in their career. They contain roughly the same information, maybe in a new order with additional or removed topics, but are presented as wholly new works under new titles.

  29. Discipline shouldn't even be in your vocabulary when struggling with your mental health imo. The last thing you need to do is be beating yourself up for struggling as if it's some kind of character flaw.

  30. I've found ginkgo biloba helpful for my brainfog. (Mine is due to chronic migraines + some ongoing side effects from an anti-seizure med I used to take.) It gives me a few hours of clarity to work with.

  31. Honestly right now I have been having so much stressful and anxiety at times lately it’s been taking a toll and my line art is just really bad. Even rough sketches with the circles when trying to draw the basic outline is terrible and not nice or clean like others I see. I’m in a slump right now so hoping maybe something for my brain to have improvements where I can get better at art and stop sucking. Thanks

  32. The problem with anxiety is that it hijacks your brain and takes up its processing power. In doing so, it gets in the way of your ability to focus and create memories etc.

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