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  1. I too believe it to be a Henry J, because of the roofline and little swoopy line on the quarter panel. They're neat little cars, too bad about this one. Depending on location, it could be a Sears Allstate instead, which was the same thing but with different trim and sold through Sears stores back when Sears wanted to have one of every kind of product. The experiment ultimately was a flop as most Sears customers didn't go there to shop for cars, and those who did like it would most likely just buy a Henry J at a dealership after shopping at Sears since there were no major differences between the Henry J and Sears Allstate.

  2. I think it'd be a lot easier to identify if we could get a better look at the engine. It is a straight six or eight cylinder engine of some sort... but a good look at the valve cover and exhaust manifold would provide something to cross-reference.

  3. Thanks! These have a very charming design but I've never seen one at car shows or anything. I like it.

  4. According to that site it looks like they only made about 26,600 of them for 1938, and that was across multiple body styles, so no wonder I haven't seen any at car shows... There're probably barely any left. It seems Australia got a roadster pickup version of it though, which is really cool and unusual if there are any still around!

  5. Hey! I love ur Luna puzzle, are you selling it? If so how much?

  6. I can make another one to sell if you like :) I usually sell them for about $50, and the puzzle stands about 8 inches tall for reference.

  7. Honestly I think it's because CCBS was just plain boring to build with. Most of the figures are built the same way, with very few ways to make them more interesting and unusual. Bionicle however, being heavily technic-based and reinventing itself every year, had enough differences in construction from set to set that the characters were interesting to put together.

  8. This I feel like the biggest problem with CCBS is that they are so simple to build. You build one set from the base 6 and you've built the rest. Even the titan builds, while, interesting to build, didn't have the challenge that technic did. A problem I had with CCBS is that all the sets looked too smooth and too clean. They got rid of a lot of the connection holes thereby getting rid of a lot of customization the public could do.

  9. Yep. They did at least have the little bar holes in the armor, but those are less usable than technic holes and there wasn't enough variation in pre-made armor pieces to attach to them. Even now, the most interesting CCBS mocs I see are a combination of CCBS and bionicle parts, and that's how I personally use them as well.

  10. It attaches to the socket on Gali's chest. This serves no useful purpose other than to make the others uncomfortable.

  11. In my old school a teacher was fired for flicking a student's ear. Meanwhile, kids around the country attack teachers and are just told "no, bad," and come back the next day.

  12. I thought illiteracy would disappear bc don’t you need to know how to read to use an iPhone or TikTok??

  13. TikTok just serves videos to you, they play automatically and you can skip them if you don't like them. As you skip or let things play, TikTok learns what kinds of videos you like and serves you fewer things you'll skip.

  14. Hell, even if it’s the 4 cylinder I’d say buy. A stout 2.3 would make that thing a fun whip.

  15. Fun fact, a Volvo 4-cylinder DOHC cylinder head will fit on the Ford block in these if you want to get some extra performance out of that Ford Pinto motor.

  16. We really need our own sub, its pretty telling that a thread with the explicit intent for positivity has so many just shitting on G5 as if they're isn't already of plenty of other threads to do that in >:\

  17. This. Misty is the best part of G5 IMO, and the reason I'm still watching. She's a very interesting character.

  18. this was one of my very first large-ish lego sets as a kid! i always wanted that titan as well, that whole line of creator 2003 sets was sick.

  19. I was gonna say, the era of Creator this truck came from is so nostalgic. It's got so much charm. I wanted one of these as a kid because of the suspension, I was surprised to see you have one still put together.

  20. Hey, that looks good enough to restore/turn into a hot rod... If you wrote down the VIN, there are legal processes to get a title for abandoned cars, so if the VIN can't be traced to whoever owns/should have inherited it by now then with a bit of paperwork and a small fee to process it, that car could be yours. After that it's just a matter of somehow getting it out of the woods.

  21. Yes, I believe the humber to have approx 40hp, approx no braking ability and the overall handling of a run down shopping cart. I actually drove the humber around the block a few times before saying to myself "yea there's no way I'm driving this".

  22. Will you at least be selling the original Humber parts then since this was a running car? Somebody out there is probably having a difficult time sourcing parts. Those brakes could probably be fixed up as well.

  23. I'm actually giving them away if someone needs the parts. They would just need to cover shipping

  24. That's good. I totally respect the commitment to body-swapping the Humber since you like the car just not the way t drives stock, but since there are people who like the way stock classics drive, I'm also glad the original parts aren't being scrapped.

  25. I am struggling to remember when and where I tried these, but I can confirm, they are great.

  26. Fruit punch mix in a cup of ramen noodles. It was strangely not bad at all, kind of like orange chicken in terms of the sweet and savory flavor combination. It was good enough that I made it several times. I called it Fruidles :)

  27. Everyone hates this car because it’s not sporty enough or something, even though im pretty sure the thunderbird was originally supposed to be a land-yacht

  28. The Thunderbird is credited with creating the "Personal Luxury Car" market segment, basically a cool and stylish car similar to sports cars and later muscle cars, but for people who aren't as concerned with going fast and really just want something comfortable and stylish with a focus on the driver.

  29. Everyone has always seemed to hate these, I’ve always thought they were cool though

  30. They were cool in concept, but used a disappointing Jaguar engine instead of one of Ford's V8s because reasons, and the interior was typical Ford quality of the era rather than being as luxurious as one would expect for a car of its price. Plus as soon as retro styling fell out of fashion, these were mocked for being a part of that trend.

  31. To prove that not only are they rich enough to afford a Ferrari, they're rich enough to treat it like just a regular car.

  32. The malaise era what such a shitty, shitty time for performance cars.

  33. At least early malaise stuff only seems slow because of the switch to a different HP rating system, while actual power stayed the same. And with the later malaise stuff, it's been fun to see people restomodding those since they still have the same structure as any 60s muscle.

  34. I'm continually surprised by how often that isn't the case. Unibody cars were really commonplace in American by the 1960s, it's just the full-size cars that still made a significant use of them. When I bought my 1966 Thunderbird I was surprised that it didn't have a frame, but it's considered a midsize car, so it's got unibody construction. The classic Mustangs are also Unibody.

  35. Engine designed in the 50s and GM thought it was garbage and ditched it after 3 years....

  36. IIRC it wasn't even so much that the engine itself was bad, it just didn't fit well anywhere in their lineup. It was useful for like one car, but didn't make a good entry level engine in anything else because it was just too small and Buicks were too big. Plus Americans had a habit of putting the wrong coolant in it which would damage the block. However, the small V8 wasn't a problem for already smaller and lighter British cars, hence why they bought it from Buick.

  37. I imagine that a relatively modern LS can't be too different in terms of fuel economy than the original engines

  38. In the Corvette an LS V8 could get 30 mpg highway, which ain't too bad at all, but those had great aerodynamics on their side. In a truck it's a fair bit less, but still not bad by V8 standards.

  39. Before I was old enough to drink, I had a friend who was, and she shared a sip of her alcoholic beverage with me. She mentioned that in her experience, having one drink with friends is fun. It's a social lubricant, gets everyone talking and confident. More than that however is asking for trouble and gets less and less fun, and the few times she was ever drunk were completely miserable and enough to convince her never to do that again. As it turns out I hate the taste of alcohol, so I won't be drinking the stuff, but I think it was good to hear her thoughts on drinking responsibly and at what point it's no longer fun.

  40. Isn’t discord a draconequus, which is its own respective species though? Just because he looks like he’s made up of different species doesn’t mean he is.

  41. draconequus literally means "dragon horse." He's most definitely part horse.

  42. I prefer the top honestly, it has some style which is what classics are all about imo. The bottom ones are fine for performance vehicles since they are purely functional, but if the vehicle isn’t being built for competition then they’re just kinda ugly for no reason.

  43. Okay so, this is a nice poem and all, but at least part of this longing can be fulfilled. Honestly, real forests are prettier than the Everfree forest as depicted in the show. Go on a hike sometime, our real world has a ton of really beautiful nature in it already.

  44. And how about the Capitol One ad with Slash auditioning for a band? It plays all the time on streaming services. The other day it played twice in a row, back to back.

  45. That one bothers me because that's not even a particularly impressive guitar rif! It's a famous one sure, but it's one that any guitarist could learn in an afternoon, not even remotely "dude, you're in" material. There are so many more impressive guitar rifs or solos out there that they could've chosen, but no, somebody who knows nothing about guitar just wanted Famous Man to play Famous Rif and pretend it's impressive.

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