1. Camellia sasanqua down the end with a generous builtin or freestanding bench/daybed along fence or wall, whichever you would use more, sun or shade.

  2. Rio by Duran Duran. It's a celebratory album Of what it's like to be carefree, beautiful and horny in the early 1980s. "...some people call it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise...." Let's goooo

  3. New Religion, The Chauffeur, Last Chance on the Stairway and Hold Back the Rain

  4. Me two weeks ago arriving in Melbourne and Siri decides to stop giving directions

  5. Cushions don’t sell houses……the judges should have styled Scotty’s build. I take each season on its own merits. I hope they get some new sponsors, new products. Landscape week is usually an after thought, I’d like to see landscape designers be able to showcase their talents not restricted be time. Bigger is not better, build 10 apartments or affordable living designs.

  6. It’s kinda surprising the lack of buyers, these are properties getting prime time exposure. It must work against the process.

  7. I hate how people are seeing Adrian’s bids as a dirty tactic. He had SIX bids. He was playing a very expensive and risky game just to help a couple of guys he met a couple of weeks prior.

  8. Exactly….he could have very easily had to pay for the house, if Danny stopped bidding. TBH it is the best house.

  9. Tom did work hard but he is more telly character than Dylan and Jenny.

  10. needs new judges, but also needs to get out of the big league price bracket so design choice can matter again.

  11. I agree. It should be kept at the average house price or a season of affordable housing options.

  12. Auction order is a load of baloney, there is no advantage. Each house usually has different buyers and interest.

  13. The scale of those properties the landscaping is atrocious on most of them.

  14. You can’t do that to a sponsor

  15. If I only had a helipad, we would have won

  16. Maybe a sign on your property “this is not your Airbnb, trespassers will be [enter whatever threat you’re happy to put up.]

  17. ……..Offered a cup of tea and sent on their way

  18. Manuela, you’re too dry to be ridden so hard…..Gamble Breaux Wolfe

  19. I love Spankie Jackson also. When Down Under started I said from the start I wanted Spankie Jackson to win. And he did it.. love you Spankie.

  20. Is that a painting of AJ behind Scotty?

  21. I feel like that’s not a win for the couples

  22. That’s part my point, if they think they will walk away with nothing now. Start borrowing against reserve

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