1. I tend not to be that into the taste of

  2. Yeah I think it's purely a palette thing, I love Milk Fuel and Super Fuel and I know the SBF stuff tastes as good as is theoretically possible given nutritional constraints =P I've tried it with coconut cream and can't have anything with dairy in it, but maybe I should try it again and maybe with some higher quality coconut cream. Any brands you recommend?

  3. I like the Safeway brand of organic coconut cream. I find that the Target brand of coconut cream tastes weird, and is more comparable to Safeway brand of coconut milk as far as fat content.

  4. The 50lb bag of food-grade stearic acid powder I posted about

  5. Good to know! I tried to google it but it mainly gave results on vitamin C and B, not the full extent of all the vitamins and minerals.

  6. That's probably because the other vitamins and minerals tend not to be affected as much by cooking, relative to vitamin C and the B vitamins.

  7. Vitamin C is such a diva. Darn thing breaks down if you even look at it funny. It's a good thing it's ok to just consume lots of it and not worry too much.

  8. I finally received the 50lb bag of 50% stearic acid powder

  9. I used Super Body fuel back in 2017. I was happy with it and is my main choice right now. I wanted to check if it was still one of the best options or what others might suggest.

  10. You're welcome! :D Let me know if you end up trying it. :)

  11. We've been fortunate to find a source of brown rice protein that's low in heavy metals. :) If you'd like to see the certificate of analysis for the latest batch of rice protein (or any older batches) with testing results for heavy metals, please feel free to email us (hello at super body fuel dot com).

  12. Yay! :D Glad to hear the beet powder addition helped with the strawberry flavor. :)

  13. Hey axcho! I’m checking out the different flavors and am curious, what’s the difference between plain and original milk fuel? I don’t see a nutrition info pictures for “original” on the page. And any idea when pumpkin spice will be back? Thank you!

  14. Plain is unsweetened and Original is lightly sweetened with monkfruit! :) Pumpkin spice will probably not be back this year - we'll see how things go next year.

  15. We have a perpetual backlog of about a week or so. Most likely, your order will be shipping out soon. :)

  16. Interesting. If I do overdo it on fat (not carbs) I get feverishly warm while sleeping. With carbs I'm warm at the time of ingestion. I think this might actually be Oleic Acid and Palmitoleic signaling for leptin. Apparently my body doesn't store fat well (now), and would rather sabotage sleep by becoming a furnace.

  17. Same here! :) I think this is the clearest sign that I've purged most of the PUFA from my fat stores. I'm very sensitive to high-stearic fats in the evening, especially when combined with starch.

  18. I'd actually recommend checking out

  19. Curious about the heavy metals you referenced. What is the ingredient(s) that is causing it? Would appreciate any info or reading about it

  20. They are probably concerned about rice protein, given that rice is more likely than some other crops to pick up heavy metals from soil. Fortunately, we've been able to source a rice protein that is low in heavy metals. Email us if you want a copy of the latest certificate of analysis.

  21. Just replied (check your email). Sorry for the delay - I haven't had as much time to reply to emails since I started manufacturing full-time again.

  22. How do you mix it (shaking or blender) and what do you mix it with (dairy milk or some non-dairy alternative)? Milk Fuel in particular is very sensitive to the details. I'd avoid using a high-speed blender (low-speed is okay) which can cause inadvertent thickening, and some non-dairy milks contain thickeners that react with the fiber in Milk Fuel to make a particularly slimy result.

  23. I'm also curious if there's been any progress on the effort to remake the site as a community project:

  24. I'm a bit surprised shipping to Canada is that expensive. I just got Milk Fuel for the first time, and you get so many more meal per volume/weight, it's insane.

  25. It's just that expensive. You can see the prices here:

  26. I've been emphasizing protein (no carbs) in the mornings, and high-stearic fats throughout the first half of the day, then emphasizing carbs in the evenings. I'm finding that if I keep eating chocolate or fatty beef later than the afternoon, I get overheated at night and can't sleep.

  27. I notice the heat if i have too much chocolate too late as well. I might try this aswell. Do you like eggs in the am? I wonder if raw grass milk is a good option.

  28. I haven't tried eggs in the morning as often - mostly I'll sometimes hard-boil a bunch of eggs, and eat one or two with some chocolate as a snack in the middle of the day. I figure that it's best to combine the eggs with a high-stearic fat like chocolate so the relatively polyunsaturated fat content of the yolk doesn't drag down my metabolism. Haven't experimented with it too much though.

  29. Hey buddy, if I ordered some of your product what’s the delivery time looking like to the Midwest these days? I’m concerned about the shipping delays.

  30. Delivery time isn't too bad (still a few days) but the real thing you'll want to take into account is waiting a week or two for us to manufacture backordered product. If it's in stock (as you can check on the product page on the website) then it should ship pretty quickly, but otherwise there's a wait.

  31. Nope, unfortunately rice bran oil is one of the high-PUFA seed oils you should stay away from. :/

  32. Agreed, this is super frustrating. Tired of having to rearrange my life to accommodate diabetes. Trying to determine the right path that is both satiating and sustainable. Homeostasis be damned. Been down a number of rabbit holes and feel like a little bit more of the puzzle still needs to be uncovered. I was skinny AF until I hit 18, never had to worry (from a weight standpoint at least) about what I put in my body. I do know absolutely that I cannot have any hedonic pathway activating foods - total lack of self-control but I guess that’s the point of highly engineered foods. Feeling closer that an intentional diet that has as its components - stearic acid, glycine, and omega 3’s has some merit but open to ideas. Had my whole genome sequenced to find clues in those metabolic pathways and feel like dopamine is a key player as well - familial T2D on both sides with first degree relatives being diagnosed after 40. Been “devouring” and looking for insights in Brad’s Fire in a Bottle blog, Peter’s Hyperlipid blog, Nina Teicholz’s books, along with the many great folks here on Reddit! Shoutout to axcho for the Actualize donation/contribution from a Citizen Science perspective.

  33. Theoretically, the increased stearic acid content of the tallow (versus butter) would be beneficial, and even the oleic acid (MUFA) content of the tallow

  34. Palmitoleic acid (most of the MUFA in beef) is also a powerful SCD1 suppressor.

  35. An insulated thermos will be your friend here. There are vacuum insulated models that will keep soylent cool for 24+ hours as long as they're not sitting in the sun.

  36. This but add ice cubes if you want it to last for more than a few hours! :)

  37. Out of curiosity, I read the article you linked to, and

  38. I agree that regular testing of vitamin D levels is important to guide supplementation. A necessary dose for one person might be a dangerous megadose to another person, or the same person at a different time in their life.

  39. Adding cocoa powder (add cocoa powder to the dry

  40. Trader Joe's "The Dark Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Bar (85% Cacao)"

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