1. I don't think hair color determines your season. That method is dated and isn't inclusive of POC. People with dark hair and/or deeper skintones can also be springs if their skin's undertone reflects spring seasons (typically warm + bright).

  2. Thank you so much! I thought so too, but a color analyst on instagram said so which I didn’t really get lol

  3. This is full of large, round, voluminous shapes. Everything has a soft form overall. So I love this for R. This is exactly something HBC would wear if it was all black or a deep red:

  4. Thank you so much for such a detailed answer! :D

  5. What specifically about the clothes don’t seem to work on you? Can you give examples? Do you have any photos of models with clothes you like but don’t feel would suit your body? That would be very helpful.

  6. I think it’s more the “soft girl” fashion that’s big on social media etc. But also the more quirky Harajuku styles :) But I feel like seeing it on someone similar to me would be helpful

  7. The box is so boring! I kinda miss her more gothic lolita style, but the doll still looks so pretty! Are her legs bigger than the og?

  8. I’m naturally pale and live in a cold climate, but have a bit of a tan right now due to summer :)

  9. This is so good! Who is the R woman in the lower right corner?

  10. That’s Jane Seymour! She’s a TR and she gives me a crazy amount of hair envy

  11. Just googled her and damn: serious hair envy

  12. Thought SG for a long time, then went to SN. Pretty sure I’m a R

  13. Thought OP was trolling ngl

  14. Uhh, it’s not that serious :)

  15. It’s so stunning whoa 😍

  16. Over 50% (something like 60-70%) of marriages before the age of 25 in the US will result in divorce. The less education a couple has collectively, the higher the rates of divorce. I don’t think young marriage is all that common here anymore but the ones who do sure are loud about it.

  17. No need to bring up divorce rates on her big day lol

  18. I love it! It looks so good! Is it acrylics? :)

  19. You look stunning! Also where is the dress from? Its so cute

  20. & other stories has the same sort of vibe!

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