1. I built the screen porch at my old house and I used 2”x12” for the handrail/midrail the whole way around so you could set anything including plates on it. Really worked out well.

  2. The secret is Durkee Famous Sauce.

  3. Wouldn’t load for me either. I think it got the Reddit hug of death from this post.

  4. You’re a project manager for a general contractor.

  5. Surely someone’s Sunday league team could see fit to field Goffy Jelhardt, Arendon Baronson, Adler Tyams, and Rarc Moca for the next couple of weeks?

  6. What year? My 2020 2500 has had zero issues. My sales rep’s 2021 2500 has had endless issues with the infotainment/display.

  7. This is a 2021 1500. Had it for about a year before this nonsense started happening. Can’t really use the front USB ports to charge anything as it charges for a few seconds then stops then does it again.

  8. Good luck man. Dodge has been throwing parts at our’s and I think are down to replacing/rewiring the entire harness for the system once they get the parts in.

  9. We should get to play our NF postponed game on Saturday after they play Fulham Friday.

  10. There'll be a Barcelona lead in his locker tomorrow morning, no doubt...

  11. There’s probably not even one in their shop. Having it custom made right now.

  12. Thank you for the link! Another poster recommended Dawn Power Wash in my previous post. Unfortunately I'm in Australia and I can purchase it on Amazon, but it's $100+! But I can definitely track down that scrub brush! Many thanks!

  13. I would recommend a natural fiber scrub brush instead of nylon. You can then clean the pan while it’s still very warm and not worry about melting bristles. It will make keeping the grill ridges clean much easier.

  14. 72-1 under Dabo when scoring first? That's an absolutely absurd stat. I don't know that I believe that.

  15. They really need to bring back Summertime Lover

  16. Not EPL but the only time I’ve ever seen a straight red when I played ncaa was if someone flat out accused a ref of cheating or being a cheat.

  17. I like mayo but 9/10 mayos you can buy are honestly disgusting.

  18. Look for Dukes Mayo if you can find the American version on Amazon possibly. Absolutely the best.

  19. Is it just me or do the 75, red line, and arrow, look like augmented reality?

  20. TBF the interstate marker and arrows are intentionally stretched so that from a distance as you approach it it looks normal

  21. I once knew a ref from St Ives. Some say he didn’t even have eyes. He’d just make it up as he goes, Regardless of either teams woes. And the prem just ignored all the lies.

  22. Speaking of Dodge's, are they renovating it or are have they gone out of business?

  23. The fact you think I'm angry says a lot about your social incompetence


  25. Remove stem, fill with cheez whiz. Eat. Repeat.

  26. A dog with no gastronomic limitation and the range to get to whatever they deem snackworthy.

  27. Domestication’s perfect predator

  28. He’s pretty injury prone and the way he plays I don’t see him staying fit all seasons

  29. Disagree. From watching him in the USMNT and now for Leeds he doesn’t go feet first into tackles. He just appears at the opponents ball standing up to tackle 50/50 and either wins or disrupts enough to make a difference in the play. He seems to have a very good head on his shoulders.

  30. What a match. The plan, the execution, turning Chelsea away when they did pick up form a bit. Everything was clicking right for us.

  31. Inject this directly into my veins!!!!!!!

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