1. I've smoked with morning wood before. Hope my neighbor was still sleeping...

  2. I never tried the redwood but I like that Eagle Rare.

  3. Good god they look so nice out of the box. Congrats on bringing her home.

  4. Awesome. I havnt been able to find one in stock. Congrats let me know how the new smoke settings are? I would appreciate it.

  5. Disclaimer I’ve never used a pellet smoker before so I can’t offer real world experience. I was in a similar position on deciding between the PB 1600 Elite and the Ironwood 885 recently. Both are sweet. Ultimately I decided on the PB for the extra probe ports, grilling capacity, hopper capacity, stainless steel grates, and then finally price. Going to be assembling it today.

  6. This is what I need to make next. Looks fantastic.

  7. Damn I’ve never tried to smoke fish. Going on my list.

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