Full 12-minute video of previously unreleased videos of January 6 insurrection

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[Highlight] Kyrie reacting to Celtics fans on Twitch

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  1. I can’t….my father is a Mets fan. If he’d had his way, I’d have been a Mets fan

  2. I thought it was step sisters. She said something referring to different moms but same dad.

  3. There was one point where the blonde one said something along the lines of “I didn’t raise you to blah blah blah”. The red headed one looks significantly younger the more I watch, too.

  4. I am far beyond help. The white trash tussles in this subreddit are the only thing keeping me going

  5. There's a comment on there with like -13 points and it's amazing lmfao

  6. Can someone tell me what a “dupa” is?

  7. https://ifunny.co/picture/comfy-faeyu-thecomfyfren-id-convincing-argument-but-i-m-still-VZiL4Mxc9

  8. What's amazing is that they appear to be Hispanic Bible thumpers, right?

  9. I mean, Jesus wasn’t European either. The Spaniards were just as religious in the 1400s when they came to the Americas, but the religion was pushed upon them from the Middle East at some point.

  10. All Boston was a generalization it’s probably around 80% if I had to guess

  11. Shit really? That’s great. I’m an NY fan in southern ct so good to know it’s not all Boston up there

  12. Yeah def not. Growing up in the Hartford area everyone definitely had their side. Like I said, you get a lot of old CT families here that may be Red Sox fans but root for the Giants because they were around before the pats. But there’s definitely like 50% of us that are Yankees. And a couple Mets fans sprinkled in.

  13. This is actually true lol. They’re from Meriden, which is in Hartford county.

  14. Honestly. Even the few politicians that I really respect, Bernie, Fetterman, Katie Porter, AOC and even Warren on a good day, I will immediately call out when I think they're being shitty and would never blindly follow. I can't imagine blindly following a GAME SHOW HOST into committing sedition and/or treason.

  15. I would like to point out, as much as I love shitting on the league and the backlash that the Browns’ owners are starting to face, we should be commending the decision made by the Texans. Whatever their motive may have been, they did the right thing in benching Watson and then getting rid of him.

  16. Yeah, I was unaware of that until just now. I heard about the hotel rooms and didn’t think much of it but reading on the NDAs they provided him is pretty sketchy.

  17. I completely agree on the pacing... I watched it again the other day for the first time in a decade. At the helicopter part I was like wait what it's over already? Wtf I wanted it to be longer, then I saw the run time lol

  18. Wolf of Wall St is incredibly fast paced but when you compare it to Goodfellas it seems like a dragger lol

  19. I don't get it who isn't human? Is the redditor in question reading smut about dogs romancing each other or what?

  20. Yeah, that’s what I got from it, but it’s more likely alien dragon goblins or something.

  21. He was not happy years later to be the voice of smug

  22. Is that true? I always heard he was friendly with Matt and Trey, I never heard anything about him being upset after that.

  23. Is that what he always said?! Never knew that I thought he said “this is crazy” at the end haha.

  24. That’s George Burns, an old comedian who got famous for doing bits with his wife, Gracie Allen. He died in the 90’s, I think, but he was the last living legend from the vaudeville era, and was a radio and television pioneer. Him and his wife had a long running show, and he did movies after she died. He was very funny but in a sweet old man kind of way. Hence why it’s funny that he’s in hell calling Kenny fuckface.

  25. I'm really curious where all the doubting dudes in here are coming from. Comedy is a career when you spend a lot of time hanging around bars until really late at night.

  26. It’s not just the patrons. As someone who dabbles in my local comedy scene, most scenes are pretty tight knit amongst comedians. Depending on the city, you can have maybe 100 comedians who are regulars working the scene (obv the numbers will be different for nyc and la), and when they date each other it never goes well. Male comedians aren’t exactly known for their mental stability, and rejection and jealousy trigger a lot of sickening responses. Not saying that female comedians are saints, by any means, but I rarely see a comic couple that break up gracefully, even if it’s only a few month long casual fling. Then you get a lot of shit talking on social media, a lot of shit talking on stage, a lot of people who are new to the scene taking sides and getting involved, a lot of depression and drug use and all the shit that comes with that. It’s messy, and it’s part of the reason I’ve taken a step back from it in the last few months.

  27. You could just go buy the book from this strange place called a “book store”

  28. Yeah agree about Hulk, he was pretty annoying in Endgame. The ‘shut the front door’ and diner scenes made me shrink into my seat. I see what they were going for but just didn’t do it for me at all. Was a shame because Hulk was goddamn hilarious in Ragnarok

  29. Tbf, I’m not a marvel guy and know very little about the movies other than pop culture references, but my 4 year old loves the hulk. When I tried watching end game with him, it got to the diner scene and he was furious that the hulk was speaking normally and wearing a sweater and he made me turn it off.

  30. The entire cast of Always Sunny. The characters became more exaggerated over time. This is a good thing though in this case; the show is hilarious, and wouldn’t be if they hadn’t embraced the absurdity.

  31. This is the one case I can think of where the flanderization of characters is realistic. The horrible things that happens to the gang, and their already horrible personalities causing knee-jerk reactions to said horrible things, creates extreme and stupid people. And you think that it’s ridiculous for the sake of television, but then in the most recent season when they rehash the year 2020, you realize that this has happened to a lot of Americans.

  32. Did Netflix remove it, or did the creators of the show? Because I know for sure the nixxed episodes of 30 Rock were down to Tina Fey.

  33. I assume it was Netflix because Amazon Prime still has it available for streaming.

  34. I’m sorry I know he’s crazy but the last three Mission Impossible films have been some of the best action movies ever made

  35. Every time I see a trailer for a Tom Cruise movie, I roll my eyes and think “This guy is too old to be making these, that can’t be good anymore. “ but every time I watch a Tom Cruise movie, I love it.

  36. Lol, describing this brought back so many vivid memories. They'd make perfect vignettes for a 90s era film or book. Those pre-Windows PC programs from the late 80s were crazy difficult (and I began using computers in the late 70s). I'm not sure if young people have any concept. Most business programs actually came with paper keyboard overlays to help you remember the macros and keyboard commands. When I went to work for the govt in 1991, there was a handful of middle aged guys who had invested innumerable hours over multiple years memorizing those commands. All that learning was rendered obsolete in 1992 when the govt began procuring 386s/Windows 3.1. It was a significant ordeal. For years those guys were considered to be the "smart" guys and they were reduced to the same level of ignorance and incompetence as everybody else. I'm not exaggerating when I say that most all of them REFUSED to use or learn the new software. They were so invested in those antiquated DOS programs that it actually required disciplinary action (in a few cases) to send a message that leadership was serious. And then there were all the people in their 50s who had NEVER even been exposed to computers who almost overnight had their entire job descriptions rewritten to require them to do the vast majority of their work on PCs. I saw at least one mature woman break down in tears because she was struggling so hard. I saw plenty of older people retire because they were so intimidated. I was brand new to the work force so I just watched from the sidelines. Thinking back on it now, it occurs to me that so much of that era has been forgotten. It was the end of the industrial era and the beginning of the technology revolution. There were plenty of casualties.

  37. I’m in my 30’s and I spend all day in excel. Can you explain to me what spreadsheets looked like/how they were made prior to this? In the video, the other characters clearly know what a spreadsheet is supposed to be, but I literally cannot picture it any other way than on excel or an excel-based interface.

  38. So it looks largely the same, but it's a big paper book.

  39. Interesting, thank you. That looks like the books that my teachers used to keep our grades in.

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