1. And here I was thinking the police are useless

  2. Go for a hotel, there’s more services and it’ll be more comfortable.

  3. Because the only route men have in life is to work from a young age to an old age, women have several options.

  4. No. Women have options:

  5. I don’t think it would be fair on the guy to marry someone like you. And I don’t think you’re ready or mature for marriage. You’re assumption is that it’s not going to last and it sounds like you’re not going to be fully committed to it. Marriage is about committing and compromising.

  6. I live in the UK and we forgot what COVID was

  7. Inshallah you get the job

  8. 3-5k should be good. Also regardless of where you move in the world, there will always be the locals who say it’s a bad idea and to keep clear. It’s only for you to decide.

  9. Men will almost always sleep with a woman if given the opportunity. So while 90% of the time it can be non sexual, there’s still something saying maybe we can have sex in the future so they’re not gonna close that door. Which means no, it is not truly platonic. You can be friendly but not good friends.

  10. I don’t know why you got downvoted, but you are completely right. A woman can set boundaries but a man will wait until there’s a small opening in the door and will use that opportunity. If my partner said to me she has male friends I won’t trust her friends because I know how men think.

  11. No. Why on earth would you want to go into a relationship and remaining friends with someone you slept with? That’s just shameless.

  12. Tell her to her face. If she cries let her cry and hate you but she will defo get on the treadmill the next day knowing that you don’t find her attractive anymore. If anything that’s motivation.

  13. Defo one of the worst subs to ask any questions they ban everything

  14. Try and find tourist friendly places, or better yet tourist groups and stick with them. Avoid those shabby cafes with middle aged men, and if you’re in Casa try and stay in the central part, Casa is probably the most scummy city in Morocco there’s a lot of obnoxious weirdos there. Don’t give any locals, especially men, any attention as they won’t leave you alone.

  15. Put your shoes in a bag and take them with you

  16. By the way I think only Americans find this to be a problem

  17. I think he’s being very reasonable. He respects you and wants you to be the only girl in his life, why does he need girl friends just to be “normal” in your eyes? Why can’t you respect his decision and move on? Why are you making him uncomfortable and why does this bother you so much? I think the problem is you, because he’s a guy you expect him to follow similar patterns to other men you know, which eventually will lead to heartbreak. Did you sleep with any of your guy friends?

  18. She comes off as a scummy stubborn white American woman who thinks she’s entitled to anything because she’s an attractive woman.

  19. Because she done some good things, like introducing the right to buy scheme making it easy for people in council housing to buy their home for a ridiculously reduced price, this was a lifeline for a lot of us with immigrant parents who worked really crappy jobs and couldn’t make ends meet.

  20. This sort of arrangement is very common outside of the US. Men work to provide for their family, and the women maintain the home and look after the children, it’s been like that basically forever. I think now in the US particularly they want everyone to work, and the cost of living is insane meaning it’s almost impossible to have this sort of arrangement. Unless you find a business owner or someone in an incredibly high paying field. Good luck, and remember you are entitled to your preference, don’t let these other people tell you otherwise.

  21. Well its fucking hard to stop smoking, its not enough to say i quit

  22. Well don’t expect people to give you sympathy points for trying. And expect dates to turn you down when they find out you smoke.

  23. What am I supposed to do with that useless piece of information?

  24. You have a right to worry, they slept together when things got tough, if you two have an argument who do you think he will fall back on? Who do you think will be there to comfort him? Honestly I’d tell him this makes you uncomfortable and see where things go from there. I’m someone who thinks that it’s almost impossible for men and women to just remain as friends. You need to have this conversation with him to avoid any future heartbreak. Furthermore it’s shameful on his part to allow his “friend” to sleep around your place knowing that he slept with her years ago.

  25. Corporate greed is the problem.

  26. Doesn’t bother me, I think only women are picky when it comes to heights

  27. Imagine labelling a sunnah to get married as a social media trend….where was you a year ago and why do you feel the need to interject now?

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