I saw AdultFriendFinder.com was hiring for a content creator, so I made this commercial for them and applied. Think I'll get the job?

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  1. You need a booster to be compliant!

  2. I have pigeons that have started a family on the roof right outside my bedroom window, my cat LOVES to sit at the window and talk to them all day long, I should be filthy rich by now if this was the case!

  3. Trying to catch up, what did i miss? What happened to Wood?

  4. Ok but if you’re at a restaurant how is not a little awkward to just sit there. My partner does this too and I feel so weird just sitting there haha like what am I supposed to stare at to not look weird?

  5. Lets say you see a couple at a table across the room from you, you see he has a nice suit and his date has some nice jewelry, so you start wondering what him and his date do for work, does she make enough to afford all that nice jewelry for herself, did he purchase that for her, maybe she makes enough to purchase her own nice jewelry and bought him a nice suit, what would I do if I had money to buy a nice suit or a nice watch. If I had enough money to buy a nice suit and a nice watch for myself, would I buy myself that suit or spend it on something else, a nice vacation would be nice, but where would I go? Fiji looks beautiful, I wonder what its like right now in Fiji, are there people who live in Fiji or grew up there their whole life, I wonder what life would be like growing up in a place like Fiji, I wonder what foods they eat that we dont eat, do they have burgers there? Damn a burger sounds nice, but im at the Spaghetti factory right now. Damn what am I going to order? A nice plate of raviolis sounds good. I wonder who decided to name this pasta ravioli, what was their life like at that time, or what life was like at that time.

  6. I hope we can sign 2 closers soon to replace Mcgee and Rogers

  7. Im actually a half-sphere moon believer. The other half of the moon is as non-existent as my social life.

  8. You deserve the job with a masterpiece like this!!

  9. There's a volunteer organization called 'No One Dies Alone'. You're at Sacred Hearts medical center, you're terminal, you need a companion. From someone to talk to, or just someone to hold our hand. They'll make sure someone will be there for you.

  10. I recently found out about this org, I want to sign up to volunteer!

  11. Everyone always says this but I have literally never even gotten a weird look for doing these things alone.

  12. My server was extra nice to me one time I went to the Spaghetti factory alone, I knew they were being extra nice because they would come up and ask for my order or if I needed something, but in that soft compassionate (aww I feel so sorry for him) voice, they would consistently come up and ask if I wanted a refill or if I needed anything (more times than if I was with someone) They probably felt bad because I came in alone and my eyes were red like I was crying, it wasnt from tears though lol.

  13. Toking up and heading over to the spaghetti factory alone sounds like a wonderful time! 😄

  14. It was the best! Smoked some nice tree, ate a nice plate of pasta and some bread, and got to walk around downtown afterwards!!

  15. I'm actually not sure. The lates update I've got about housing was when I made my priority contract back in May. It said that information regarding housing and roommate selection would be emailed to our school portal in mid June. I haven't received anything ever since, so that's all I know.

  16. I was gonna come and ask this question, because the email said they would send out information in the middle of June on how to select a roommate, and that the selection would open by end of June! Idk if this was the case for previous years because I am a newly admitted transfer, but the housing app for dorms had opened a week or two after the stated date, and I didnt really receive an email stating the housing application was open; I just logged in one monday morning and saw they had finally gave the option to apply for dorms.

  17. As I mentioned, super new.....Do I just have to turn around and go back? Can I respawn with a command?

  18. I feel you on none of your friends playing Dayz, all my friends started it and got bored easily because of the difficulty and all the walking! The best part about the game is, you meet people along the way and make friendships. You build a base together, loot, get raided together, raid someone together, die A LOT together, but you make ever lasting memories with them.

  19. I dont think Forest Gump would be as well received if it was made in today’s society!!

  20. I wanna see the dash cam of the officer that passed ramos walking towards the school with an ar15 and all that ammo.

  21. Sounds like that scene from The Town where they get out of the minivan after robbing the bank, and the cop staring at them just looks to the right like nothing is happening!

  22. You must have been scrolling far to see this post and comment lol

  23. Game starts at 4:20 PDT.

  24. I actually have done this, called and emailed every single place I could find in a 300 mile radius

  25. Why does Joc randomly have a left handed catchers mitt? And on a road trip?

  26. He is always ready for anything. I am told he also has an ump outfit with him in case he is called up!! /s

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