1. 42 inch is a Monitor? (Monitor software and DisplayPort)

  2. Your arbitrary requirements for what define a monitor are irrelevant. Any display can be a monitor.

  3. No the distinction has been irrelevant for a very long time. All of the mumbo jumbo you spouted is meaningless other than ABSL being easiest to disable on a C2 vs A90K.

  4. Just curious, if there is very less blooming and the MiniLED gets so close to the OLED what is the advantage of the AW as the Samsung gets so much brighter?

  5. It's still no contest especially in a dark room. You're comparing per pixel contrast to 1000 zones so although the Neo G8 is the best so far for a LCD, the OLED still looks quite a bit better. The Neo G8 really isn't significantly brighter, look at Rtings review and you'll see they have comparable HDR real scene brightness because Samsung gimps the panel pretty hard in real content to suppress bloom which is what I was alluding to above.

  6. Yes they are always present at 240hz.

  7. Text quality is poor relative to LCDs because it uses a WRGB pixel layout. People here are blind and it doesn't bother them. It's not a PPI issue because it's very close to 27" 1440p PPI. 100% scaling is as bad as it gets. Bumping up scaling (and negating the 4K real estate) improves it quite a bit but I'd never use a 108PPI display with scaling personally.

  8. I really hope they don't require Asus dumpster fire software to disable RGB.

  9. Did you do anything special or did it look fine out of the box? I have tried BetterClearTypeTuner, MacType, and even custom registry edits, the text is still noticeably worse than on my IPS monitor, it's fatiguing to look at all day.

  10. Make sure you set your input icon/label to PC.

  11. Make sure you pay attention to Newegg, they are not offering any kind of return or refunds on the pre orders. They are only offering replacements......I noticed this today and cancelled my pre order.

  12. That's always been the case with them on any product launch. Same with GPU's.

  13. Why is this sub so obsessed with sales figures?

  14. I don't have any performance issues but its unfortunate you do. Continue living your life.

  15. Any real audio engineer acknowledges that spatial audio is garbage.

  16. All I know is that you'll probably have to shell out for a quality 1000w PSU minimum for the higher power draw and occasional spikes.

  17. This doesn't necessarily rule out a 1000w PSU lol; if anything it's probably recommended with 850W being the minimum. Especially if you end up buying the higher end AIB 4090 cards and if you were to upgrade to high end Zen 4 or 13th Gen (as well as overclocking both), I can't see why it wouldn't be beneficial.

  18. My rig is a 12900K + 3090Ti using a SF750.

  19. True. A $1500 TV looks amazing, but a $400 TV still looks pretty good. Especially if you're not playing the latest games at 120hz.

  20. This is only as of recently thanks to Hisense/TCL. Both brought FALD at near half the price of the closest Sony/Samsung competitor.

  21. Asus AP201 will fit any GPU with the PSU mounted in the top position. I got one in anticipation of the 4090 Strix.

  22. Wait really? I was looking into it but wasn't sure it would fit. Would this work with ATX PSUs or just SFX/SFX-L?

  23. I replied to the OP above but it will work with ATX PSU's.

  24. Both AMD new CPU's and Intel new CPU's (Preorder) have been readily available. I think the 4090 will be too for actual minutes instead of seconds like the 30 series.

  25. I'm so glad I found this post. I do about 80% coding / 20% gaming, and my 32in is a bit small. I love having more screen estate, but nvidia GPUs have an arbitrary 4 display limit -.-

  26. Text is not super clear on these panels. I swear this sub is blind as hell. Text is borderline acceptable and noticeably worse than a standard LCD IPS. Scaling up helps but there are still obvious limitations. I mean one second looking at the yellow stars for Amazon reviews says it all because it looks gross next to a normal monitor.

  27. Use your main account and we can talk? Most of the review here is completely wrong, especially text, Asus text is way better than just okay, I use it for work 8 hours a day and it is way better than my LG27GP 950, LG C2 or AW3821DW

  28. I had a C2 right beside the PG42UQ and text is identical between the two. Same panel, same WRGB pixel structure. Whatever you see is your imagination.

  29. I almost bought that for $35 a few months ago until I saw the Thermalright Frost Spirit 140 going for $40.

  30. This is just down to experience. The manual also states to initially thread one and immediately start the other followed by switching off between the two until the screws stop in order to prevent lopsided tension.

  31. You need to apply a bit of downward pressure.

  32. I'd be very surprised if we don't see this at ~350$ within the next 2 months, considering it hit 360~ yesterday.

  33. Wow. A $30 savings for waiting 2-3 months.

  34. For me, if people have a 5000 series or Alder Lake and are playing in 1440p and higher, they don't need to upgrade. They should be good for years.

  35. I dunno 4090 and RX 7000 series may change this.

  36. 1080p user complaining about upscalers. DLSS looks like ass even at 1440p and is IMO best reserved for 4K. I would never bother at 1080p with 1440p being a judgement call depending on the games performance.

  37. I wouldn't touch a used GDDR6X totting Ampere with a 10 foot pole:

  38. Down vote me to oblivion but all of my 1+ year old Eth 3080s are now in people's gaming PC's. Repadded/repasted and cleaned, 0 signs of any degradation. I actually did not have a single failure out of 48 GPU's which is a small sample size but I think big enough to be of some use.

  39. Unless you listed them as ONLY USED FOR GAMING then I don't see much of an issue. It's used hardware. Just don't be dishonest when you sell it.

  40. No way, especially considering I had dozens posted at a time. Half I sold locally other half online this past Feb before everything took a dump. Everyone local who purchased brought their PC to demo the cards as they see fit and left happy. Also not a single return across ebay/mercari.

  41. FYI Dell/Alienware are [supposed to be] releasing a near identical version of this monitor later this fall under the model number AW3423DWF with a retail price of $1099. The major difference is that it will not include the GSync Ultimate module alongside some other smaller revisions.

  42. Its also limited to 160hz vs 175hz.

  43. I can get 2-2.40ghz out of my evga 2080 super xc ultra and that’s without an over clock and that’s at considerably less power than both 3090s:)

  44. It's also considerably less performance than a 3090.

  45. 3090 Ti was a pretty meh card. Regardless if you wanted the best. If you had a very heavily OC'd 3090 you'd reach the 3090 Ti perf. It was just pretty useless.

  46. I wouldn't call it meh. It was what the 3090 should have been from the get go. You got a much better bin with basically all cards capable of 2-2.1Ghz @ considerably less power than a vanilla 3090 + the memory was only on one side so temperatures are a non issue.

  47. Yeah this is a comically large gpu. For no good reason tbh. I just had to double check but it looks like it will just fit into n-atx v2 lol.

  48. Plenty good reason. The coolers need to be capable of handling 450w+ at reasonable noise levels. The 3090 Ti designs almost accomplished this but all outside of the Suprim/TUF were subjectively pretty loud to me.

  49. I sent mine back and kept my C2 + Neo G8 because the PG42UQ is half baked garbage riddled with firmware problems.

  50. OLED will OLED nothing new here. This panel is not miraculously immune or resistant to burn in. I've seen people with 2 month old monitors that use it for work during the day experience burn in.

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