1. As someone who grew up in a home of domestic abuse and neglect… this is exactly what you’d expect the abusive parents to say:

  2. I've experienced that sometimes parents have different voew of genders and treat them differently. It is very possible he was a decent father (i cant imagine him being a good one st all) to his daughter. In my family boys can do no wrong. Ots just biys being boys and they are treated like saints.

  3. Pretty sure my neighbor across the street is a drug dealer. Cars pull up at all hours. Sometimes they go in, sometimes she meets them outside. They never park and never stay for more than a few minutes. Nice lady. She always waves and says hi. She has a very cute dog. No crazy parties, no loud music. Her customers have all been behaved so far. Overall not my worst neighbor.

  4. I saw a woman beating the shit out of her boyfriend. He was screaming "help me" amd no one would do anything. He could have fought back but i don't thinking he wanted to hurt her or get in trouble for hurting her when she was clearly the agressor. I didn't step in physically but i immediately called police. Poor guy i think it was an abusive girl he was trying to dump because he kept shouting "she has my passport". Luckily a police officer had already been in thr mall and broke it up in like 10 seconds after i called.

  5. I understand your frustrations. I would consider a kennel for them though. For yours and their sanity.

  6. We havw thought about it but i am willing to deal with lost sleep to let my dog live out her last years as comfortable as possible. Usually she isn't this bad. Normally its 15 minutes at a time. It is only her worst episodes that last an hour and those are rare. This week was absolutely unheard of. My dog has never played with toys. She never cuddled or liked being pet. As she got on in age she really started to enjoy being pet and snuggling. Now that dhe is older we can't tske her for daily or long walks. So this is her only enjoyment. I don't want to take that from her.

  7. You can still cuddle her. Then, when it's time to sleep, put her in the kennel next to your bed.

  8. Our apartment is small so if she cries at noght we are going to wake up no matter what

  9. I have a relatively low prescription but I also have astigmatism. The astigmatism is apparently not bad enough to warrant any corrective steps but I beg to differ.

  10. I dont notice a ghoet image unless i am looking at white texf on black background and cover one eye, wierd i guess

  11. I have always said merlin is very gay for Arthur but arhtur is clueless to that fact snd only thinks if merlin as a friend

  12. I had 3 tiers of insurance. Honestly all were pretty good and had good coverage. The options were $9, $21, $42 pet paycheck. I get paid biweekly and work in Pennsylvania

  13. Im sure there is a higher frequency of incels that have autism than the general public. I don't think it is significantly higher as to assumer most people who are incels have autism. I would guess and say most do not

  14. That moment where merlin steals a dress and everyone assumes he is trans or a cross dresser but decide they don't care as long as he continues getting his work done lol

  15. "dos splinge" or something like that. it was pretty easy to remember

  16. If the dragon plot line hadn't been in the show merlin would have made better decisions. In my mind the dragon represents the writers and how they massively ruined the whole point of the show the final season

  17. This is way too little proof to do anything. There are several possible innocent explanations several other commenters have detailed so i wont do that but i would gice him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe keep an eye out but no reason yo tell anyone yet

  18. Find people and make your own. That’s one way to get experience. Or you can take classes at UCB and work your way up there; probably the better route if you’re serious about improv

  19. Part of the problem is that i don't have friends. Not in a tagic way. New to the area

  20. A vocal minority are fucking up the community for everyone. I respect people's pronouns. I can understand that some people don't feel comfortable using certain ways to define themselves. I understand he,she,they even xe or ze. I have no respect for people who use made up pronouns like bugself and fairyself (real examples i encountered). This is ridiculous and it is making the lgbt community look ridiculous so it makes sense that people are losing respect for us.

  21. I learned that not all adults are smart and the ones that have hang ups about their intelligence usually aren't very smart.

  22. Dude had a $100 gift card. Got a meal for his family of 4. Card was empty. I was super nervous to go back and explain that he owed for the entire meal, so i printed out a card use history to prove nothing fishy happened on my end. I explained the situation. The man started screaming, "are you fucking kidding me!" I thought, "ah fuck, here we go". Then the dude turns to his wife, "your fucking sister did it again!" I left because it seemed like a conversation I had no psrt of. I came back and the dude calmly explained his sister in law gifted him the card and it was empty, something she had done several times before. He paid for the meal and left a generous tip. I just felt so bad for the guy.

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