1. Second Koh lipe especially if you like super spicy, go for their northern Thai dishes. Most Thai restaurants I haven't seen do northern Thai dishes. And Sala for their pad Thai, they make their own tamarind sauce and the Thai ice tea there is also bomb!

  2. There’s a good selection honestly, but this time around.. the prices have gone up quite significantly. It will probably be my last time visiting. Biggest hit for me was Tom Ford as the discounts are quite steep. I think it’s worth checking out at least once.

  3. Oohhh how much are the quads there this time around? And which ones did they have? I'm thinking of maybe goinf

  4. Ah you've got to go to the east york location, the Scarborough one is no good.

  5. Her palettes are hit and miss. I've had one that irritated my eyes and made them water and itchy and another that works fine.

  6. Gare de L’Est isn’t very good or authentic from my experience. It has a nice patio and good drinks, but the food is very mediocre.

  7. Oooohh I've been wanting to try batifole! When was the last time you went? And what would you recommend there?

  8. They usually have specials, which are always enjoyable. In terms of what is listed on the menu, the escargot, beef tartare, duck two ways and chocolate delice are my go to’s!

  9. Ooohh awesome thanks! Love places that do daily specials

  10. Omg thanks for posting!! I just checked mine had the same code as yours and I had to email them to refund me.

  11. Kiss me mascara. A lot of mascaras smudge on me but this one holds a curl and stays on forever (as in you need a really good makeup remover to get off).

  12. Depends on the sensitivity of your lips and if it's dry. I have dry lips and Dior is hydrating and feels so nice on my lips. I have also tried using Revlon before and babylips lip balms and although initially I thought it was hydrating it made my lips peel and feel even more dry.

  13. Has anybody seen any April resub variations? I feel burned still from the last time I ordered for Feb box and got last year's July :( couldn't use anything in the box.

  14. Alright, where are we finding it cheaper then? I saw amazon carries it in my search. But that is about on par with Sephora. Wouldn’t it then cost with conversion/imports/duties be about the same price point as Sephora in the end of things? Or do I need to be opened to a new world because I personally like a lot of their products.

  15. Ahh don't buy any beauty stuff on Amazon, one of my frd's got fakes before for makeup. There's too many individual resellers to control the authenticity of products. Also overpriced on Amazon. Kbeauty laneige Dr. Jart is way cheaper on Korean retail sites like jolse and style Korean. I've shopped at both before, they run sales quite often and everything I've ordered had a long expiry date and is authentic. It takes around 2-3 weeks to get to toronto.

  16. Thank you! Also I’m sorry to OP if I came off harsh on my comment. And thank you for helping me with this. I see the lip sleeping masks are about $12 usd on the both sites you listed (is that a good price for them?) or should I wait for another sale?

  17. Btw I just saw stylekorean is running a limited time sale right now $7.77 usd for the laneige berry lip mask

  18. I received the same email, and have already gotten my order. For what its worth, I checked my credit app for the specific card I paid with and havent seen any adjustments or additional charge so lets hope it remains that way lol.

  19. I don't think they can do that, usually when you purchase with cc companies are only authorized to charge the amount on the total when you check out.

  20. True, but I have been tried before by a scammy jewlery company who kept trying to charge my card several times after I filed a claim. Not saying this will happen with PMG, but I definitely made sure I paid with credit in case anything strange DOES happen with this glitch! 🤣

  21. Ahh oh boy that's terrible. If I can I usually pay with PayPal and charge on my cc through PayPal so the company wouldn't be able to see my full credit card number lol and I like that PayPal sends me an email when I get refunded and it's always faster than when I get refunded on my cc.

  22. Nothing!!! I ended up spending $160 on chantecaille at Hudson bay instead bc they had 2 bags of gifts worth over $300 😂

  23. Omg the gift and chantecaille stuff I ordered just came in today! I'm so excited to try everything the gift is huge! Thanks for the heads up! 😀 I've always wanted to try the boy smells candle in the gift and it smells so good!! No regrets lol.

  24. If you also happen to purchase SPACE NK brand products like Chantecaille you also get this gift set

  25. Thanks!!!! Haha I just got the chantecaille cheek gelee and her talc free loose powder. If I didn't alrdy have backups for the Sunday Riley lactic acid serum I would have bought that lol.

  26. Haha they actually had a glitch, was an additional 50% off of the already discounted 25% off price. Also don't forget to use rebatesme! When you shop at pat McGrath, they sometimes have up to 10% Cashback.

  27. Yes!!!! At 25-30% off it's worth it. Her eyeshadows are my fav, I live for her glittery/duochrome/special shades. The colours work well for my skin tone too, I'm nc25 and I noticed that alot of times the cranberry shades, pinkish coral shades from Natasha denona makes my eyes look swollen. But I have no problem wearing similar colours from pat. Also I always get compliments when I wear my pat mcgrath or viseart shadows. My frd always knows when I wear them haha

  28. Yes! Was it actually confirmed to be a glitch? I never saw anything one way or another; I kinda assumed it was more of a stunt for sales, lol.

  29. Definitely a glitch sale, the sale was only supposed to be 25% off lol. But they did 25% off plus an additional 50% off. I've bought during their normal 25-30% off sales before and it shipped in 2 days. Maybe you can email them to cancel or for a refund if you don't want the order anymore? I thought the typical process for chargeback requires you to attempt to work with the retailer first. I've only had to do a chargeback once and that was with amazon, I've almost always been able to resolve with the retailer.

  30. Eh, I mean the point of the app is to have bags sell. I like seeing what people get so I know which bags are worth buying. Sharing photos is going to get more people using the app, meaning less food waste, more incentive for restaurants to sign up, and more access to food for for low prices for those who need it. Gatekeeping it just seems selfish to me.

  31. What I don't understand is if this person wants to share how amazing the toogoodtogo app, why they haven't posted any pictures or shared any personal experiences of their hauls? I don't like the idea of just taking other people's pictures and putting it on instagram, which I see many accounts being commercialized eventually. I do love the community in this reddit thread of sharing what's in our bags but not the idea of someone potentially taking advantage of it for their own benefit.

  32. The user trying to collect everybody's toogoodtogo images literally has 0 contributions on reddit and negative karma rating. I can see the Instagram account being commercialized, which many many accounts do eventually get sponsored. What I don't understand is why this person doesn't buy any bags and post it here or use their own for their Instagram purposes.

  33. You need to ask for a refund with TGTG. I can easily buy 10 lbs of potatoes for 2-3$ (I’m in Quebec). That’s only 6 potatoes. Maybe 30 cent? All of those doesn’t even add up to $5.99. The potatoes made it heavy but that’s all. Please ask for a credit or refund from TGTG

  34. Also there are different costs for potatoes too. I find the ones you get at the local markets sold loose cost significantly more and they taste way better than the $2 for 10lb bag of potatoes. Also, food costs in general in Toronto is higher than in Montreal.

  35. I don't think it's that common. I use the app quite often and I can only remember having the store cancel my order 3 times. Some stores cancel more often than others. Bake code cancelled my order twice and eataly once. My frd ordered from Tru tea 2-3 times and they always cancelled lol. I order from pusateri's every week and haven't had them cancel on me yet.

  36. I didn’t get my choice for February. My support request from Friday morning is just chilling with no response. Four days after the 24 hour response period

  37. Yup mine has been chilling since last Thursday 😅 after I replied to their copy and paste response.

  38. Yes!!! The carrot bread/cakes both of them are so delicious!! :D

  39. I'm going to avoid the village juicery at this location. This is the second time I ordered from the bloor st location and both times the bags were under marketed value. When I went into the store, the employee was not wearing a mask (we are still under mask mandate in Ontario). The grapegruit juice sells for $10, boosters usually 4-5 bucks. I told her the bag was under the value it should have been at. And she says okay and throws in a little energy ball? I'm guessing that's what it is. It's tiny, literally the size of my thumb (second pic, sorry got crushed into crumbs on my commute home). Realistically, I'd rather spend $13 on the 1L grapefruit juice and get it fresh than to spend $7 on a 410ml grapefruit juice and a small booster shot that expires the same day.

  40. I got it from the sheppard location. Wow! 5 large teas with toppings sounds amazing! I noticed their location in markham seemed to have a 4.9 star rating and this one didn’t have ratings yet when I got it. When the ratings went up yesterday it was only 3.9 stars for this location.

  41. Lol I went to the same location and I got 1 cup of boba, 1 cup half boba half syrup, and 1 cup sago 😂

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