1. Huh. Neat. They made it sound like an event so i haven't really been doing much with it.

  2. I wioul have given taills an aviator scarf, but that's just me. The tied jacket works really well too.

  3. Honestly, the thing about dead cells is that the DLC isn't "sectioned off content" like in other games where it's it's own side menu. It becomes part of the game and gives you more options and more stuff. Once you get bad seed you can go to that biome any run you don't need a special seed or menu to do a run there. It's just available.

  4. That... doesn't seem physically possible.

  5. I've been growing both in my launcher. I noticed that the culmination is getting stronger at a faster overall rate but it may be due to the general material component. I feel like getting 400 red crystals is faster overall than 1500 ominous stones.

  6. I believe pve move speed is not limited except by what gear can add. I think attack speed is hardlimited at 300%

  7. Yeah, they're also pretty young so I don't doubt they could've missed something like that. I was just curious what could have happened.

  8. I mean any number of things could have been. Here's the thing though. Deadcells has a fun feature that you actually CANNOT be one shot. Being oneshot will leave you with a huge mercy frame time and slow the orange bar loss by 50% and you hsve 1hp. Depending on the significance of damage it can even slow time. The feature is called "one shot protection" which you can disable in custom mode.

  9. Oh yeah! I've always noticed it goes to one when taking very large damage. Guess I never put two and two together lol.

  10. Check your iframe time too. It's significantly longer than if you took normal damage to something. Generally it's about a second, after oneshot protection it's 5+ seconds.

  11. So, we're all Scandinavians considered Norsemen then regardless of whether or not they went vikingr?

  12. It's not that each individual death is supposed to be sad.

  13. I got my shit wrecked. I had no clue what i was doing or the controls.

  14. Every 4 hours this gets posted here lol someone should pin a post about this item specifically

  15. It's funny because i played risk of rain so i knew what it was. Weirdly my shrines looked like the regular button not like this.

  16. It's chaos energy which resembles crackling lightning in large amounts same as it's always been with a new effect.

  17. I know that there have been crossovers in the past, so I'll guess... 12?

  18. You could technically count Blade Master as Kill Bill Uma Thurman outfit right?

  19. Damn, i thought it had something interesting....

  20. I translated it years ago with screenshots and a binary translator.

  21. There were a bunch. Ronin from d1, professor from d3... i think i saw a jack (pumpkin head) so that's cool.

  22. Ronin the female samurai was d1 exclusive.

  23. Kill both for an outfit. It's a risk of rain thing.

  24. S3&k takes place on angel island, a fictional island similar to Mu, the floating continent, which i believe is what it was based on.

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