1. b7d says:

    I do that, what’s wrong with it

  2. b7d says:

    All the designs are getting more chonky

  3. One weapon that is used a lot, vs 2 that aren’t used that much

  4. b7d says:

    Yah I use rat king every day too

  5. b7d says:

    If you claimed it online and it’s not showing up in game, restart Destiny by actually closing it completely via options from your Home Screen and it should populate.

  6. b7d says:

    Yes, always at home and always in public.

  7. Same thing happening to me today. I wasn’t getting anything but cores and glimmer, so I switch to master and got the gloves first run.

  8. b7d says:

    I only ever do them on master and have run some 6-8 times to get no exotics. From my runs, an exotic seems to have a chance to drop on the first two runs and if it doesn’t drop there it’s not coming at all.

  9. b7d says:

    I couldn’t do lost sectors until I was 1585. I also learned a lot about mods in the time between 1575 and 1585, and worked on building synergy with my subclass to get my abilities back really fast.

  10. i’m really struggling to level from where i am but i’m guessing that’s because i started too late right?

  11. b7d says:

    No, not at all. This is the first season that I actually hit pinnacle light level. It took a few weeks of playing strikes, crucible, gambit, and winning 50 trial’s matches each week for the pinacle gear to level everything to where I needed.

  12. b7d says:

    And what do I get?

  13. b7d says:

    Is there somewhere I should go with it?

  14. b7d says:

    I like the challenge, even though I haven’t figured out how to dodge three ways in midair yet while sniping perfectly, but I will get there!

  15. b7d says:

    Where’s the green one?

  16. b7d says:

    If you’re good with sidearms then Rat King can be a beast in PvP once you get the catalyst. Kill, reload, invis, repeat. The catalyst is an absolute grind though, but if you get it head over to

  17. What are You talking about? Ending ? There are at least 2 confirmed expansions after this one ...more than 2 years of content AT THE VERY LEAST

  18. b7d says:

    There was an article that said destiny was going to get rid of light levels in favor of artifact leveling each season. Your ability to play certain things would be tied to a new artifact light level.

  19. b7d says:

    Check out Steven Smith

  20. b7d says:

    This may have some errors, but it’s what I’ve been able to piece together.

  21. Everyone knows that the final shape is Telesto. It is inevitable.

  22. b7d says:

    Seeing as I just finished Lament’s quest and found out Clovis Bray is Banshee, and Banshee was holding Telesto when I talked to him, I think you’re right. Telesto looks like it was made in Bray’s laboratory too.

  23. I'm just happy Karnstein works with glaives now. I've had a build lying around forever for that. Glad it dropped before the end of the season

  24. b7d says:

    And nothing manacles

  25. b7d says:


  26. You can switch back to legendary for the rest of the campaign. But to play ghost again on legendary you’d have to wait for the weekly rotation mission, or start fresh to that point. I played through with my husband on legendary when he was a very new light and it was rough (I’m a hunter he is a warlock). We did switch to normal on the 2nd to last mission bc I couldn’t struggle it anymore and the did the boss on legend.

  27. b7d says:

    Alright, we’ll probably do that then. I do know that if you level Fynch up a significant amount one of his last unlocks is the ability to select campaign missions to replay, but that’s a significant time grind in itself.

  28. You’ll breeze through it on normal mode, will be a nice confidence boost for her. Have fun :)

  29. b7d says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  30. b7d says:


  31. b7d says:

    I really like that. Honestly the game has been feeling stale since I’ve built a collection of weapons and exotics I really enjoy, but those haven’t lined up with the champ mods for the last two seasons, so I’ve been just dumb firing weapons I find boring that match to the champions.

  32. Rapid fire pulses, sidearms, and SMGs all lean to the closer combat styles. Sidearm was bugged for half the season though

  33. b7d says:

    Yeah it was, which was a shame. I was excited for Forunner to stun shield champions but the drop rates nerf make it unusable in end game.

  34. b7d says:

    I would’ve grinded it with more enthusiasm if you didn’t reroll your armor and it got lower stats than it was previously. I was holding onto Tier 2 armor with 68 stats and I would fully kindle and it would go to the 58-62 range. Did that a few times and haven’t played Solstice since.

  35. What pve a activities are you using sidearms in successfully? Every time I try to use one it takes 2 mags to kill a red bar point blank.

  36. b7d says:

    You might need a new sidearm. Which one are you using?

  37. I just cant imagine going into a gm or raid and wasting an exotic slot on rat king. I really feel like even master and below there are other weapons that do what sidearms do but better. The only place I could imagine theyre good is in pvp I guess

  38. b7d says:

    With the catalyst and void Rat King is a beast. Full health and 10seconds of invis after a kill+reload. I wouldn’t use it for GM’s since I use ranged weapons for those but anything less than a GM it’s very useful.

  39. But logically A.) we just had Savathûn featured front and center. New players don’t know about the Ozmium Throne or Oryx the Taken King. Perfect opportunity to bring back King’s Fall. Oryx also heavily is involved in The Final Shape lore and the Darkness.

  40. b7d says:

    In the witch queen secret files lore, this is in the entry about Mara Sov destroying a pyramid ship with the help of Eris Morn and Elsie Bray:

  41. b7d says:

    What’s the difference between a cheap room and the nicest room?

  42. b7d says:

    I always pop a well whenever there’s barrier champs, even though I’ve been ok fireteams of all Solar well warlocks who don’t pop one until the very end.

  43. :( imho bungie needs to buff the healing rift, just slightly. have felt this way since i started the game a year ago

  44. b7d says:

    Forreal. If I’m standing in a healing rift with a full overshield and Tier 10 resilience, I shouldn’t be a one-shot for a proc’d exotic handgun or any regular sniper joe that comes along. Most of the time it’s not even worth it to pop one in crucible as it takes too long— the only benefit is peeking around corners with the third person view.

  45. Just wait till you get one shot out of your well of radiance by a sniper or Lorentz. Fun times.

  46. b7d says:

    Yes, ridiculous. And you can get shot out of Dawnblade now. And shot out of Nova Bomb. You ever tried shooting a hunter out of Golden gun? Or a titan out of hammer of sol?

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