1. When this one radio guy published the "We didn‘t put this out" I already read that more as a confirmation than denying.

  2. Em‘s albums always had top notch design. I loved just going through the booklets of the cd‘s

  3. Eh if we ignore revival that's the case. I've got the CD for mmlp (limited edition), sslp expanded edition, relapse refill, revival, kamikaze, and music to be murdered by side B. Out of all of them, revival has to be the worst by a good couple miles. I've seen the other disc arts and booklets online and aside from the re up and shady xv they all look really amazing, especially encore.

  4. Yeah, Revival‘s art is really underwhelming. I also really loved MMLP2 Deluxe, the Digipak with the cardboard car-window was genius.

  5. They'll obviously talk about the tragic loss of Fletch, and I wouldn't be surprised that IF they are announcing a new album and possible tour, that they'll also confirm it'll be the final album & tour. One last hurrah to honor him and say goodbye as a group to all of us.

  6. I doubt they’d make a press conference solely about Fletch’s passing, although it’ll play a prominent role in the future of the band. The conference will definitely be about said future – wether they announce a break-up and/or an album, we’ll see. I think they have one more good album in them, but even if they don’t, I wouldn’t mind. They don’t get any younger, and Andy’s passing is the freshest reminder of that.

  7. I’ve seen posts that are exactly like this by multiple people unrelated to each other. Definitely a hack.

  8. Kinda sad how in denial Em is about Revival. Every single review praises Castle and Arose, nobody argues these songs are great, yet the album as a whole is still a complete mess. The issues have been pointed out a million times – bad production quality, cringy bars, a certain lack of inspiration… yet, he still blames it all on the tracklist being leaked.

  9. If they photoshop so much, why couldn‘t they remove the foam of saliva from his lips?

  10. From my observation of their behavior, their primary motif is exposition of their own characters, not reporting. They aren’t journalists, and they don’t even try to be. They’re gossip reporters at best. As much as I distrust Kurtz’s mantra of “Oh, I’m not even an MM fan” and her right-wing shenanigans that shine through here and there, at least she’s earnest in her approach to the topic.

  11. 2018 he was eating chicken with Norman Reedus, which is not very vegan.

  12. People have weird taste. I get Hamburg is beloved, I also definitely get Dresden, but c‘mon, Cologne is ugly af.

  13. Nah, I don‘t think so. Rap has taken over, different viewpoints have taken over, and that‘s completely ok and results in some pretty nice and innovative music. I unironically enjoyed WAP for its inversion of the known hip-hop talk ("Look at all those bitches I fuck") by putting female sexuality and dominance in the forefront while still being dirty AF.

  14. Absolutely, just stop looking in music. Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro, and to a lesser extent, Ann Coulter and Andrea Dworkin in her own right.

  15. Shapiro bores me to hell with his "Look how smart I am" shtick. Nothing he has to say is as profound as his fanbase makes it to be. People don‘t agree with him because he convinces them, they agree with him because he regurgitates the opinion they already had before and gives them validation.

  16. If it wasn‘t for the “women are more interested in losers” part, I’d say yeah, give it a try, maybe his desperation really was just a slip-up, but that sentence is a major fuck up.

  17. Special effects are so good nowadays that that shouldn't be a problem--though it'll look trippy as hell.

  18. Special effects were also good enough to achieve this in 2017. Yet, Tobin looks old af even though his scenes were supposed to take place even before the first movie I believe?

  19. Fun song, kind of the little brother of Sex in that it’s just a rock blast with fun attitude and great performance. I especially enjoy the entrance into the second verse plus the guitar shenanigans during that verse “Duuuuu führst mich hinter rotes Licht” guitar epicness comes in. As we know OK was an Untitled leftover, I bet it was ditched in favor of Sex. But yeah, I enjoy it. The lyrics are a little dull, but hey, it’s a good jam. “Enter Sandman” is also pretty flat lyrically and still kicks as.

  20. tragic endings has to be a recovery leftover track it’s sounds like exactly for that time period

  21. Yeah, a lot of Revival actually screams “Well well well, what do we have in the vault that wasn’t good enough to be released when we weren’t desperate?” I believe Em went through an existential/writing crisis during Revival. He talks about it on the record, and the advertisement with all the thrown-out papers really makes me believe that this album was extremely difficult for him to pull off. Hence why it’s so half-assed and sometimes even outdated.

  22. I feel like the Real Slim Shady and My Name Is both feel like similar vibes to me, do you think TRSS is crazier?

  23. The quicker beat, the chainsaw-like hook melody, it’s a little more edgy than My Name Is.

  24. These are some pretty shitty pictures to be honest. All of his social media pictures he's looked great when it's been up close, in good quality. Looks like this guy fried a fucking egg on his lens.

  25. Honestly: A lot of his social media posts combine clever perspective work and make-up and sometimes, with pics from official shoots, even Photoshop.

  26. I wouldn’t really consider that a belly, though.

  27. Is it just me or is the audio way off? Like it‘s just a recording from a Zoom conference with bad connection.

  28. I like Unheilig, sadly they’re not making music anymore

  29. I think it‘s for the better. With their last two, three albums, they really watered down their legacy. This band was riding a dead horse after 2011.

  30. "Oh my God, did you see what John Wayne said in 1971? I can no longer tolerate this!"

  31. Beyoncé maybe, as she‘ll be in week two by the time CC2 would chart. The biggest sales and streaming bust for an album happens in first week.

  32. Eminem‘s hook game has never been the greatest, but I think it speaks volumes that his best hooks in the last ten years were mostly thanks to his features. When he himself is managing the hooks, it‘s really hit or miss as of late. The hook from Gnat can barely be recognized as a hook compared to the verses, and that was his lead single for Side B.

  33. Yeah. I just wished he just kept this single and not drop the album

  34. Revival basically is a conglomerate of mediocre and downright bad tracks with an incredibly great EP hidden within it.

  35. Castle and Arose are amongst his greatest songs. Other than that, there are a few songs that are quite good (Framed and Believe for example, and WoW is pretty interesting too), but what makes them stand out is, unfortunately, that they actually manage to live up to the quality one should expect from a well-crafted/written Eminem song, whereas the other material on Revival falls incredibly flat on occasion. If you told me that "White America" and "Untouchable" were made by the same artist, I‘d find that incredibly hard to believe.

  36. Da das Renteneintrittsalter immer weiter steigen soll, wahrscheinlich so oder so nicht.

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