1. Limiting users' software freedom, harming democracy, prosecuting innocent people with the sold personal data, ...

  2. Yablo's paradox is an interesting variant of the liar paradox since it doesn't rely on self-reference nor circularity (though that is disputed); it instead uses a countably infinite list of sentences.

  3. Aren't most logos copyrighted? I mean even the Debian logo is copyrighted

  4. Some of the better known ones are. I'd prefer seeing CC-BY and support for the open culture movement more often.

  5. Most of free software uses copyleft licenses to protect itself from predatory copyright practices that would happen otherwise.

  6. Things like "Humane conditions" and "Ending factory farming" only make us feel content by pushing the moral issue further back. Besides that fact, these "solutions" are also delusional — there's no way that people could continue their eating habits without factory farming, there's no way that actual humane conditions would be economical, etc. But even if all that were somehow magically true, it wouldn't change the fact that it's still immoral.

  7. Nicely written. Though I'm not sure about the "scientific measures of consciousness" part being necessarily fundamental to antispeciesism — the mere conceivability of consciousness in a species is enough to warrant consideration. I'd consider it ethically safer to assume consciousness even if there ultimately isn't one as it wouldn't cause much harm; denying its existence wrongly, on the other hand, would be disastrous. Also the possibility of qualia being ultimately inaccessible makes objective knowledge about levels of consciousness doubtful.

  8. Ending an animal's life is not inherently unethical when they have had a good life? And it's more ethical than being vegan? Perfect! I suppose we can go around killing happy people and consider ourselves paragons of morality (it's more ethical than not killing them).

  9. Nothing will ever convince me that the left don't derive the same level of pleasure from killing animals as I do from listening to classic swing music. I refuse to believe that they're any friend or ally to animals if this is how they react to the question of animal rights.

  10. I think it's unfair to generalise that much. Sure, there are many non-vegan leftists, and I find it obscene, but there are also vegan leftists.

  11. The terrifying thing is that even the terror of this is absolutely nothing compared to everything else that's happening to those poor cows behind the scenes.

  12. I have yet to see a place where oats & legumes (and even frozen veggies) are more expensive than meat/milk/eggs/etc. I think it's utter nonsense, to be frank!

  13. What's cow explosion seriously (is it when we don't milk cows)

  14. Personally I use no. 5 to debunk vegoons. I've seen a cow explode when it wasn't milked for 5 seconds :((

  15. It's 2023 and you've just used the "Crop deaths tho 🤓" argument? Why don't you go vegan to eat the crops directly instead of feeding them to animals and only then getting your nutrients? It's extremely inefficient, considering thermodynamics.

  16. "Wow! It acted like another intelligent and conscious animal. How is that possible?" basically.

  17. If in speech you’re honestly saying GNU plus Linux, it sounds pretentious af and I highly recommend touching grass

  18. You know what fair play, I have been beaten. I used to mountain bike though <3

  19. Yeah, found them on Chalmers's "The meta-problem of consciousness" talk

  20. I wholeheartedly agree! I hate those numnuts who spend 1 entire minute checking whether something is vegan. Can't they just hurry up? What does it matter anyway? They tried their best anyway, so it's still ethical 🤷

  21. Ugh yes!!!!!! Like hello, just put your morals aside and be present??? Can’t tonight just be the cheat night??????

  22. I just don't get it. Personally, I'm racist on cheat days too! I wouldn't want to alienate my friends from being anti-racist. Baby steps 🤭 I think vegans could learn something from this too!

  23. I keep hearing that having free (libre) software everywhere would be economically unsustainable, yet all companies absolutely rely on it, curious.

  24. Vegans are the #1 reason why I support censorship. They spread so much disinformation it's not funny anymore. They fr don't know that their vegan products need to be PURE BY LAW.

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