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  1. One easiest way to overcome a situation like this is, if you play any sport be it cricket, volleyball or badminton try to find those people and you will make friends.

  2. Mai sikha deta aapko agar mai job na kar raha hota.

  3. Hypotenuse is always opposite to the right angle. This mistake is common as the orientation of triangle is different. Keep it up.

  4. Ek he baat nikalti hai muh se, "Chala ja bhosdi ke".


  6. "Phir kya tha.. Din raat dawat, beshumar paisa Aur launda naach". 🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢

  7. Agar ladki 1 ghante me apne ghar nahi pahunche toh ilakka me itna bum marenge ke ilakka dhuaan dhuaan ho jayega.

  8. 1st option - Flybus - Convenient, inexpensive, regular and reliable. They have a luggage storage space under the bus. Should be ok unless you have more than 2 big bags and 2 small bags.

  9. Get an other flight to mysore or take train from airport railway station to banglore main station grab another train from banglore to mysore

  10. Sorry but I will have some luggage and it won't be feasible for me.

  11. These kind of beatings are so common in colleges. Go to any college dominated by jaats and gujjars and see how they behave with non- local students.

  12. You are a good question but your question hurt me.

  13. This is how he funds his advertisements.

  14. Abe saale (in voice of harmonium nawaz)

  15. Is it me or someone else also went to look for the tie instead of the cute face.

  16. When you try to humble one of the most intelligent man on earth.

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