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  1. Drug related crimes would decay exponentially if drugs were legal. So yeah, drugs. Drugging people without their knowledge or consent should remain illegal

  2. You think crackheads wouldn’t steal to buy crack if crack were legal?

  3. Yet defunding schools is way more popular than defunding police. The real American values; make them dumb, and at age 18 we toss them in, "big-boy jail" because it's good for private prison industry and further justifies more police spending and militarization. All that instead of focusing on preventative measures like education or Healthcare. Yep, the American lie lives on.

  4. That’s because education budgets are typically many many multiples of police budgets. Even in a city like New York where there is a comparatively large police force relative to other cities, you are talking about 38 billion vs 5 billion. When it’s time to trim the fat, even equivalent cuts % wise end up looking like education getting short shrift.

  5. There is a negative correlation between police and crime. There are less police in low crime areas and higher numbers in high crime areas. If police stopped crime the opposite would be true.

  6. My 7 year old could point out the logical fallacy here. I actually had to look at your comment history to make sure this wasn’t satire poking fun at the Lefty and Libertarian types.

  7. 17 years of steam and not a single email of hack, never bothered with the deauthorize devices option and still dl and go on unrecommanded web sites without issues. What the fuck do you do to get your steam account hacked ?

  8. Who is poorer: the guy starving and living on less than $1 a day in South Sudan with zero debt, or the fat American making $35,000 a year with hundreds of thousands in student loan/medical/creditcard/mortgage debt?

  9. The one gripping his shoulder says it all. Racism.

  10. How long ago was this? That lady in the background has Apple headphones. 5+ years? While it doesn’t take away from the bad that’s been done, just doesn’t seem right to take old news and recycle it in efforts to to rile up anger.

  11. I have zero problem with Biden nominating a black woman. However, imagine the reaction from the Left if Trump had said, “I am going to nominate a white male.”

  12. I'm not OP, but I think they would be acceptable IF we had an effective system to ensure everyone was always getting adequate free representation, and protections in place to prevent things like poor people who are stuck in jail because they can't afford to post bail.

  13. This take is partially state dependent, but no longer really grounded in any sort of reality due to bail reform, etc. in the big liberal cities/states. It’s just the tired old liberal narrative being used by criminal apologists.

  14. Really don’t know why people are downvoting. I guess they hate facts. The new Manhattan DA has literally come out and said if I point a gun at you while robbing you its a misdemeanor petit larceny because you were never in real danger. Decriminalized crime, pretty much. Anyone who has spent time in a big city criminal courthouse recently will know what I’m saying is true. Guys will come before the judge with 15+ separate cases and still get supervised release.

  15. The entire concept of qb’s sliding is stupid. Once you cross the line of scrimmage you’re a ball carrier not a qb and you should be treated as such. Eliminate the slide for everyone.

  16. Did anyone else notice the cpu POP OUT when she tried to clip it in?

  17. thats the plastic cover thing, it’s supposed to pop out when you lock the cpu in.

  18. Which of these cities defunded their police departments? Genuinely asking.

  19. It’s not just the defunding. Restrictive laws and hostile politicians have created a social and legal environment in which police are now scared to go out and proactively do their job.

  20. Weird how economic downturns lead to a spike in crime regardless of the crime fighting strategies applied over the decades

  21. Weird how liberals will blame anything and everything for increases in crime, like non-existent economic downturns, except their own failed policies.

  22. May have started? Didn’t a violent mob break into the US Capitol last January? Pretty sure it started then.

  23. Both sides have violent mobs and are culpable. The issue is only one side gets labeled as “peaceful protestors” and any account of their misdeeds censored from media accounts.

  24. Agreed, however the media and politicians play up the one while playing down the other.

  25. Why is everyone going after him, isn’t he legally not responsible for it and its gonna be the event organizers dealing with all the lawsuits?

  26. So where are all the good guys with guns again?

  27. "Police officers were sent out with no plan, no strategy and no support, into a dangerous environment created by politicians’ irresponsible rhetoric," President Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

  28. Yes, it’s literally a mayor’s job to formulate a policing strategy in response to a crisis event; not a police unions (lol?). As we saw, politicians refused to do anything besides condemn any use of force by police, in NYC, Seattle, Portland and elsewhere; basically throwing cops under the bus for political expediency. Tasking police with maintaining civil order while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the violence perpetrated by rioters and hamstringing police by coming down hard on them for any force used in regards was pure political scapegoating in response to the political climate of the times. Kowtowing to the vocal minority and throwing hundreds of thousands of their own workers under the bus; letting the cities burn instead of trying to be real leaders and work with emergency personnel to restore order. Just goes to show how truly two faced these politicians are.

  29. I’m pro vaccination, and I see no conspiracy theory here? She just declined to sign an NDA in exchange for cash.

  30. People who check the time on their phone are basically using pocket watches.

  31. Most people would have assumed, like the players, that was a foul ball. I have yet to see an explanation as to why the ump called it fair. The, rightfully, pissed-off guy was the manager.

  32. The ball was rolling back fair, thats why walker runs to it and yeets the ball off the line. if a fielder touches the ball before it comes fair it’s a foul ball. it was super close, but i think the ball touched the chalk right before walker yeets it, so was fair.

  33. So “organized retail crime” is the new catchphrase for what happens when progressives decriminalize theft? Surprised they didn’t go with ‘individualized autonomous wealth redistribution.’

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