1. Oh great thanks! Is that one water resistant? Ugh Ik that’s the worst! I use canmake as an eye sunscreen because it’s the perfect size tube 🤣.

  2. It is waterproof! Also sweat proof and the only sunscreen that doesn’t sting my eyes!!! I was eyeing up the canmake one because it had such good reviews but there’s a few (I can’t remember what about specifically) that threw me off - maybe about it not being good for dry skin?

  3. Oh awesome! Yeah I have dry skin too and it did make my face feel uncomfortably dry a few hours later. It felt so light that I would’ve tolerated that if I thought the protection was better, but I’m a little skeptical. It also broke me out (but I’m on Accutane now so that part doesn’t matter at the moment). It doesn’t burn my eyes at all so I’m finishing up the tube that way. I’m glad to hear the moisture milk doesn’t dry you out though, I’ve really struggled to find one without alcohol besides BOJ Sun Relief (which I love but it’s not water resistant at all so tricky for summer). My skin recently became way more sensitive (from perioral dermatitis) so I’m very excited to hear about this one, thanks!

  4. Ahhh okay, that explains why you’re using it just around the eyes! It’s a good idea for using up sunscreens that haven’t worked for your whole face! So sorry about the bad experience though ): if you do decide to give this one a try then I really really really hope you enjoy it! ♥️

  5. Hi OP! I hope you've had a great experience so far, do you mind updating?

  6. Hello! So I haven’t actually started them yet because I’m due to go on holiday soon and didn’t want to risk going abroad in the middle of a purge 🤣 but I will start as soon as I get back hopefully! My cousin tried a tube a few times and she didn’t have any problems apart from the peeling 😬

  7. Is all day chemist reputable? I keep hearing about them in this sub

  8. They are, I was very wary and hesitant in the beginning so it took me a few days of looking around and thinking before going for it and ordering from them. We can’t get tretinoin on prescription in the UK unless you pay for it, which is much more expensive for a small amount compared to 3 whole tubes from ADC, it worked out waaaaaay cheaper.

  9. I bit of chicken stock and mustard powder and nutmeg in the sauce will go a long way

  10. I used mustard powder! I always use chicken stock and nutmeg when I make a bechamel, I skipped the chicken stock this time because I didn’t want it to be too salty with all the cheeses. I will do next time though, thank you!

  11. Try some mozzarella in place of the parmesan. The taste is mild (to counteract all those other sharp cheeses) and it gives an amazing cheese pull.

  12. This is exactly what I’m going to try next!! I seriously have no idea why I left good ol mozz out lmao, thank you!

  13. If you don’t want to use too much packaging I would say a padded envelope is fine. I always like to take an extra step and add bubble warp to items to ensure they don’t get damaged in transit (my couisn taught me this) esp. if its a fragile material.

  14. I was thinking of padded envelopes! The bubble wrap is also a very good idea, so you wrap them all individually if it’s multiple packages in one parcel or all together? Tysm for your comment ♥️

  15. I used to wrap everything individually, even if they went in the same envelope. Sometimes individual bubble wrap on each item makes things bulkier though (especially if your doing a padded envelope). I would say wrapping all together is fine (unless its fragile packaging like glass or something you feel may break in transit). I hope this helps!

  16. You’re right I didn’t think of the added bulk lol thank you so much for your help, I’ll just bubble wrap everything together if necessary ♥️

  17. I got second degree sunburn on my entire face when I was like 12 (from skiing in the mountains). Had to go to the doctor, gave me meds and a cream. The burn hurt like hell and my face looked like death.

  18. I’m really glad to hear you and your skin are doing much better, I can imagine how badly it must have hurt. I was in agony ): thank you so much for reassuring me that as long as I continue being careful and looking after myself, my skin isn’t doomed in the future 😭 thank you again 💞

  19. I had a few bad sunburns with swelling and blistering in my 20's but I've been taking really good care of my skin for the past 20 years, sunscreen, sleep, avoiding alcohol - which seems to have mitigated the damage of my early years. I agree with the poster who suggested therapy for the intrusive thoughts. Also setting up annual skin check at your dermatologist might put your mind at ease.

  20. I’m really glad your skin is doing better, thank you so much for the reassurance ♥️

  21. Stop with the aging and sun phobia. You will be fine. Everyone experiences a sunburn or two. It's consistent and repeated sun burn and exposure without SPF that causes damage. You're fine.

  22. This is really reassuring, thank you so much! ♥️

  23. Thank you so much for your comment.. I know for sure that my counsellor offers CBT that I maybe had one session of but I chickened out like all the other times I’ve done counselling.. I will definitely give it a shot again though. Thanks again

  24. It sounds like you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse.

  25. I’ve only tried Good Apple out of all of these and would advise against it especially if your skin is drier. It really really really clings onto dry patches that you wouldn’t even know were there. Texture just becomes so much more obvious with it.

  26. I watched a video yesterday on how to look pretty without makeup and the woman said she applies fake tanner to her face weekly. Gives her face colour and makes her look more awake.

  27. Im having a look at that lotion, thank you!

  28. Hi! Not OP, but I am an optometrist. Please DO NOT put prescription strength retinol near your eyes! The skin around our eyes is extremely thin and tretinoin will dry out it out like crazy. Retinol use is also associated with meibomian gland dysfunction which can cause severe dry eye symptoms.

  29. Ahhh I already have dry eyes 😭 thank you for the heads up! Do you have any eye cream recs?

  30. Ofc! So to be very honest, from a clinical standpoint, any moisturizer will do the trick! (Just make sure it’s eye safe!) I haven’t found much of a difference between using eye cream vs moisturizer. From a skincare junkie standpoint, look for eye creams with vitamin C! That can help brighten up your under eyes. I’ve heard good things about

  31. Thank you so much, I’ll look into them for sure!! :)

  32. I would consider 34FF a big size. Size is relative to your body and frame so if you have a petite frame your boobs would be considered large. Also I wouldn't recommend wearing a smaller size as it can be uncomfortable and damaging but also looks silly from side profile and under a tshirt imo. But try a different style of bra like balconette or plunging where it's not necessarily push up but it makes them more lifted than a standard tshirt bra. Hope this helps 👍

  33. Ahh okay that’s a good point, thank you so much! Which one do you think would help more out of balconette and plunging and do you have any specific recommendations?

  34. I agree with this. But also when you do teeth whitening you need to not touch anything that would stain a white t-shirt or be very acid/alkaline for 72h after your last treatment. So it's better to do twice yearly bursts than regular whitening which you probably won't stick to a tooth safe diet with. In the UK its well recognised that although your teeth look pretty when white it's not healthy for them to be that white all the time because every time you bleach the pores of your teeth remain open for internal tooth damage for 72h (laymen's terms) and when you aren't very careful you will eventually end up with expensive treatments to fix the long term damage. The stereotype of worse looking teeth in the UK is true but we also have much healthier natural teeth on average and require less major dental care in our lifetimes. Plus strong tea is part of the culture :)

  35. Big up UK 🤣🤣 I think we need to embrace it for sure, and you’re so right about the damage that can be caused! I’m not aiming for a blinding white colour but honestly I just want to get rid of any staining and get them away from being yellow if that makes sense

  36. You’re welcome! It’s kind of a lifelong thing, much like diet and exercise and definitely takes time to see results. Be patient and enjoy your pearly whites! :)

  37. Consistency is something I struggle with for everything but I’m definitely going to try sticking with it :) thank you for your encouragement!

  38. I bought this too and it looks and feels amazing on the skin! But if OP is sensitive to some sunscreens (stinging eyes, bitter taste in mouth) then it’s not the best option. I have half a tube and one full tube just sitting around because I had to stop using :(

  39. Absolutely go for a corset if you want posture help. It’s the main reason I wear mine.

  40. Hello! I’m so very sorry for my ridiculously late reply, I didn’t see a notification for this and it isn’t my main account!

  41. I just gave up on wearing concealer and turns out i dont really mind my dark under eyes lol

  42. Aw that’s great for you! I wish I had that confidence but I don’t hahah

  43. I've struggled with this is the past too, and what I found works best is to use an eye primer before the concealer, and then setting it with powder and a setting spray. I use the Smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer, MAC prep+prime translucent loose powder and Urban Decay all nighter spray, it's pretty much solved the issue. I'd also make sure to wait till your moisturiser has completely absorbed before you apply makeup, since you want the area to be moisturised but dry, hope it can help!

  44. Ahhhh thank you so much! You made a very good point about making sure moisturiser under eyes is dry before concealer. I’ll make sure to remember this.

  45. Este Medical Group! They can do both Soprano Ice and also Candela. They have a London branch too!

  46. When you did the survey did you say you wanted to clear your spots? If so it’s strange that they didn’t prescribe you tret straight from the start. I’ve been using skin+me since June last year, I told them I wanted to clear my spots and they put me on 0.006% tret, 1% clinda and 4% AzA straight away. I got side effects from the clinda so I contacted them asking them to remove it and they did, they took it out and replaced it with 4% niacinamide. Then they slowly moved me up to 0.018% tret (+0.03% per month) and after that I stayed on the 0.018% for a few months. My skin was much improved but I was still breaking out a little (still much less than before) so I messaged them to ask if they could increase the tret and they did, now I’m on 0.021% and they said they will work me up to 0.027% and see how I do on that.

  47. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply and I’m so sorry for replying late - been extremely extremely busy 😭 so I did end up purchasing the 0.025% tret cream from AllDayChemist, but I’m continuing to use the first cream from Skin+Me and once that foster is finished, I will start with the second dozer containing the 0.006% tret! So it will be a month or 2 using that depending on how I space the applications out, then I’ll slowly ease into the 0.025% tret cream, does this sound okay?

  48. You can try. I personally hated that particular product because it pilled and broke me out, so be careful. I didn’t even finish that bottle and bought another product instead.

  49. Ahh okay, noted! Really sorry you didn’t have a good experience with it, I hope you found something better! Thanks for the heads up!!

  50. I also have sensitive eyes that run a lot, I get along really well with the Corsrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

  51. Thank you! I’m glad it works for you!

  52. Not OP, but I also have extremely sensitive eyes that can’t tolerate most of the sunscreens recommended here (not even LRP), and I’m a big fan of the Paula’s Choice Calm Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 (they have a version for normal to dry or oily skin)

  53. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you, I’ve heard a lot about the ultrasun SPF so I’ll definitely check that out as I’m looking for something with more protection. Thank you so much!

  54. go to dermatica , thats what i use for tret , they are a monthly subscription plan , but its worth it. Also skin &me

  55. Thanks, I’ll be sure to! Is there a specific difference between the two or do they both offer the same thing?

  56. A UK NHS GP will not prescribe tretinoin for anti ageing. I asked for Treclin gel for my acne. They prescribed it for a maximum of a year because it has an antibiotic element. There is no tret. product a UK NHS GP can prescribe without this antibiotic element. Potentially they will make you try benzyl peroxide/antibiotics/other topicals before they let you have Treclin though.

  57. I have previously been prescribed some antibiotics with things like duac but never saw any result so I’m eager to try tretinoin. I’ll have a look at the private subscriptions, they both seem worth it going by what others have said. Thank you!

  58. I’m in the same boat as you. You don’t really imo. As much as you try there will always be things that linger, and that will take long time to go away. I trust that when you find someone else who you connect with and things go well, you’ll start to replace this ex-potential with your true partner. In the interim, prayer helps (let’s you focus on something specific and gives you space to empty your thoughts), actively avoiding things that remind you of them, trying new things (essentially something to make the days onwards different to the past) and some changes in routine. Can’t lie, it’s very hard; here to talk if you need :)

  59. May Allah make it easy for you :( I feel like because we didn’t enter a talking stage, these feelings or whatever they are will eventually die out. I feel awful but I’ve had a lot of brothers reach out to me and while there were other things that made us incompatible, even if it wasn’t for those things, I feel like without realising I’d just compare them to him. Idk :( also there’s one thing that I really really reeeaaally enjoy and I do it a lot of the time, it was one thing we had in common so I can’t avoid remembering him lol. Khair inshaAllah anyway, thank you!

  60. Inshallah, and you too! It’s one of those things where you realise you can’t avoid happening while still going in with an open heart. Yh I’ve thought the same thing about comparing, a thing to remember is that even with all those good about the ex-potential, there would have been some bad that you would see. And those might be avoided on a new potential. I think the trouble is with such limited knowledge of one person, you tend to forget you don’t know the good, bad and ugly of someone so you just paint them in the light all the time - not a good idea lol. To get past it, keep reminding yourself that you didn’t see everything with that person and there may have been red flags that were unknown to you; which you have dodged. :/ yhhhh no idea what to do with that hobby lol unless you find someone else to enjoy it with 😅

  61. Yeah you’re right, I’ll try to keep reminding myself of those things. Allah knows best. JazakAllah khair!

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