Henry Cavill and his good boi Kal

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My parents at Dad’s Green Beret Graduation, 1982.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Not surprised, he's in hundreds, if not thousands parasocial relationships

  2. He fell out of Tom Cruise's butt, so of course he's talented. Maybe half scientology alien, but talented.

  3. I imagine a girl with a big ass truck with a camouflage Tweety Bird floor mats.

  4. This thread is basically plot summaries from Seinfeld.

  5. He's a close talker... He's a high talker... He's a pigman, Jerry, A PIG MAN

  6. The first guy is oddly cute. Like a little old man just waiting for the bus. I hope he can rest in peace soon

  7. Not only did you lose a whole person, but you became a new one yourself. Keep up the good work.

  8. And he had Hattie do standup on his US chat show later, even though nobody knew who she was.

  9. It's probably floating around YouTube. There's a channel that puts out his episodes, but also groups interviews together ... Like all of Don Rickles, or ever appearance by .. etc

  10. I work with dementia and Alzheimer clients. People who have it live in a perpetual state of confusion/agitation. This is unacceptable. The poor woman must have been so frightened. Cops should be trained to deal with this population because it requires a completely different approach. Tbh when a cop gets a call, departments should utilize social workers trained in dementia care.

  11. As boomers age they'll just be more. I fear for my parents' futures, but for my children as well. Apparently some cops don't believe autism is a thing, because they just automatically assume you're on drugs. Passed out from low sugar? Drugs. Confused, elderly, and no shoes? Drugs. This deaf guy didn't turn when I screamed orders at him? Drugs. Your dog is chilling in your yard? Better shoot that dog... Because drugs.

  12. There's folks who don't stop gaining even when they can't wipe their own ass, I don't think they'll care.

  13. I wouldn't do anything at the house anyway, she's probably got a nanny cam in your room

  14. I think that a small dose was best for the character, he was there to make the "bad boy" look better by comparison. We can look back on him now with nostalgia, had he hung around we might have started hating him too much

  15. Time to go buy in bulk in case the discontinue the color. Gorgeous.

  16. Monty Python has ingrained itself so far into my brain that I can't help but wonder how many of the stone throwers are women in fake beards.

  17. Yep my daughter is 18 next month and wants to wear all the 90s and early 2000s clothes and hair that I used to....*shudder *

  18. You should get her aqua net and a curling iron so she can have a pouf

  19. I hate to say it (because I was there) but in many instances 1982 is contemporary.

  20. High waisted pants are back now too. Skinny bitches got nice asses again.

  21. Pretty common practice for folks in Western Kentucky, too... I've also crossed into Missouri from Kansas to get cheaper/better fireworks.

  22. Im just sitting here in MO wondering where my cigarette is. I need to light some fireworks.

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