1. I'm actually gonna be sad when pikmin 4 actually comes out because I like the fucking insanity that is that sub rn

  2. If you’re non-binary though you can’t use it because it says “for men and women” on the Amazon listing. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

  3. can confirm, I tried to use a product that was labeled "for men" and it made a tink sound and bounced off of me bc I'm a woman. I would assume a similar thing happens with this

  4. fun fact: the bulls in these shows have their testes tied to make them artificially aggressive, and they're usually killed at the end.

  5. if they don't explain how the skirt go spinny, I'm not taking AP Physics

  6. I wish I had big juicy tits that can't be taken away 😭

  7. I've been subbed to that for a while and have been sad that there's been pretty much nothing posted there and I hope that changes with it's reopening

  8. ask not for whom the bell tolls, ring the bell for thyself to know. memento mori, unus annus

  9. yea... "vote" thats what we call it when we gotta sneak past TOS

  10. MK8DX literally got a new wave of DLC lile a week ago

  11. Can yall stop giving fat tits to everything? How am i supposed to not be horny 24/7? Huh answer that liberals

  12. give fat tits to me first (I am trans and very dysphoric about my lack of boobs)

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