1. I wonder if the replica Grea Britain jerseys come with the t or not.

  2. It’s just so versatile, even “up the jam pump” seems to work.

  3. Nice. Keep us posted! Curious to see what happens - best practices for how to approach a situation like this.

  4. Not so proud boy doesn’t want his picture taken. Also, I laughed at, “old man wizard”

  5. The “Freedom Convoy” (right-wing nut jobs) got a similar welcome in Toronto last year. People went out on their apartment balconies, threw garbage at them and told them to GTFO. They wisely turned around and left.

  6. Any clips of this? That sounds amazing. Way to go Toranna.

  7. In my case, since I bought it in Shopee, the team there responded to me the next day I messaged them. I also have a record there since I sent it for warranty before but the only thing they did was update the firmware lol (they just told me this recently when I contacted them again, they didn't tell me what's wrong before and what they did the first time I sent it to them) and they sent it back to me (still defective). Now it's out of warranty so I need to pay the labor and parts.

  8. I found out I like topre. Also I wish I knew that QMK stuff isn't as scary as I thought. I thought I could break stuff, but now I know I can always reset it to default if I need to.

  9. I just started googling Topre. Going to exercise some self control and not research too much in the fears I'll pick up another keyboard heh. Seems nice though!

  10. Qmk is through the controller of the keyboard and allows you to put any key wherever you'd like, as well as create macros if you wanted. Now days, the easier interface related to qmk is called via, but there isn't full control.

  11. Nice thanks for the info. Topre boards seem a bit pricier than your average entry level board too? Hrm I'll see if I can try this at a meetup sometime.

  12. As someone familiar with bird law this bird is innocent until proven guilty.

  13. Whatever it is it was worth it for Otto. He was the/one of their best players for Team Canada. Really happy he got to showcase his stuff.

  14. walletburner Neuron with GMK Future Funk. Gateron Oil Kings L/F and a custom cut 5mm PC plate for that extra thoccyness.

  15. If Pop Tarts are dumplings, then so are Baozi.

  16. Brb going to serve up pop tarts for my next dinner party and say they're my western take on Chinese dumplings.

  17. Haha the dream is to eventually be good enough get there!

  18. This is something both Sixers and Raptors fan can agree on.

  19. This is amazing but from the restaurant side of things unless price is relatively the same as the cheap plastics you're not going to have restaurant owners lining up the door to get their hands on these.

  20. So Canada needs Colombia to beat USA like 20-19 to advance

  21. So you're saying there's a chanceeeeee...ahhhhhhhh shit.

  22. By my revised math they actually need:

  23. So don't bet my yearly TFSA contribution on this game.....but if we do win...

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