I cut out 386 bears with a laser to make an animation

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  1. Well, he's always sucked at writing endings

  2. noped on the nba when they allowed the sale/move.

  3. Can anyone tell me if Rantz ever uses the phrase "Republican politician" or "Republican council member" when titling an article?

  4. No, because we don't have any republican politicians or republican council members.

  5. Discovered you own at least 1 AK-45 with a Suppressor (aka Silencer.)You cannot hunt with that weapon, so why do you own it and why is a silencer necessary?

  6. Nbd, just another homicide brought to you by our local leadership.

  7. Move to states that line up w yer values.

  8. Back when I lived in the south two people close to me were raped and each became pregnant by that rape. One was gang raped at a party, the other was brutally raped in her dorm room.

  9. what a crock. There's such a thing as plan-b. Any raped person that can give birth would be offered plan-b, negating the notion that an abortion is the sole option in your rape scenarios.

  10. Plan B doesn’t always work. Drug interactions, body mass and where a woman is in her cycle can cause failure. Plus, if a victim goes to a Catholic-affiliated hospital (like Swedish), they won’t give her Plan B, rape victim or not.

  11. sure, but will work for the vast majority. hosp won't be the only outlet for non-abortive birth control. Planned Parenthood can continue supporting pregnant people...

  12. Bumpers are called bumpers for a reason.

  13. I’m very unclear what n the impact of this, waiting for a legal expert to provide analysis.

  14. You're probably already too late if you're ordering online. Or even if you ordered a week ago apparently. looking at you, gunmagwarehouse

  15. bigTex shippped an order yesterday w/ no issues... std cap ar mags and ar drum mags.

  16. Cool lets also get rid of district voting for city council members and go back to at large. It was a bad idea and needs to change.

  17. What a waste of jet fuel. Something something climate carbon Inslee grift

  18. Inslee wants him gone because then he gets to "promote" another moderate senator out of the way of his agenda in the legislature like he did with Steve Hobbs.

  19. Kriedler is already chugging inslees koolaid...

  20. Ltc and credit score bs alone warrant his removal.

  21. My veg garden is doing awesome, and I haven't turned on the spigot to water even once yet. Love this June weather!

  22. Thanks friend. Don’t know why I was downvoted.. Portland is seeing the same shit Seattle is.

  23. Thank woke libs for soft on crime bologna!

  24. I thought that gaggle of idiots was a fed psyOps front group? Who the hell is stupid enough to engage w/ them, didn't they pay attention to the whitmer entrapment bs?

  25. A race to extremes is what happens when a single party captures local and state govt.

  26. Pretty sure my dog does this to see if its safe to make a break.

  27. We dont care that you kill people you dont like, please sell us oil.

  28. There is no way to know if it JUST happened or it happens 3 months ago

  29. Pic is from 1932, my gran learned to drive on one of those old classics.

  30. There is a long history of artists using public spaces for murals and other artwork. That’s not vandalism if the city permits it.


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