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  1. Do u think Andy wanted to talk about her CashApp crap? Shady Shady

  2. She asks her followers to donate $ to her Cash App & she will pray 4 them.

  3. SF you can do w/o a car. Public transportation is doable.

  4. Yes, many people live here w/o a car. Parking is such a hassle. One has to stay on top of the parking rules to avoid tickets. Also to be careful to not leave ANYTHING in your car to help avoid break-ins.

  5. She went after rinnas husband. Yes she deserved what she got. Having an addiction doesnt give one a pass for horrible behavior. She wasnt using at that time either so she w as of sound mind. As much as she can be. Rinna didnt pray on her. How did she pray on her? She knew kim wasn't sober rhe night of the poker party bc it was clear as day she wasnt and thought Kim was in trouble and talked about it. They are on a show to talk about their lives and others on the show. If kim doesnt want to be talked about when she displays erratic behavior them whay on earth did she go on a reality show? Does she or anyone think they arent going to talk about something like that!?

  6. If Rinna doesn’t want to talk about the husband, why go on a reality show?

  7. Medical scams? Look at Erika Jayne if theirs a HW with shady husband business that you can't support or Harry Hamlin who wore a nazi shirt. 🤯🤯🤯

  8. I honestly think that as fans we should just ignore her at this point. She is so obviously trying to divert our attention from her and Erika’s ugly behaviour this season, and she hates Kathy so it’s two birds at one stone for her. Imo we should talk about what is important, and it is not whether or not Kathy had ‘a psychotic break’ in Aspen but why Erika has been unempathatic towards the victims, calling them ‘alleged victims’, Rinna being extremely aggressive towards Sutton, Erika dismissing Crystal’s ed, Kyle putting her hands on Sutton, Erika cussing a 14 year old, Kyle, Dorit and their husbands laughing off Erika’s behaviour, etc… there has been much more important and disgusting actual scenes we watched, at this point I could care less about how disgusting Kathy is when cameras are not rolling.

  9. Seriously!! Erika saying that she doesn’t give a fuck about the victims is waay more upsetting than Kathy having a meltdown!

  10. No one of the sisters have each other’s backs. Kathy cut Kyle out for years because she thought something about Kyles tv show. Kyle supported Kim for years and Kim was still awful. All 3 are toxic to each other all the time

  11. Wasn’t ‘thought about something about her tv show,’ was that it presented her mother in a disrespectful light? That is kind of a big issue. Kyle sold out her family for $$ and fame. Again.

  12. Netflix is also taking down Schitts Creek on Oct 1st. 😢 I’m a Friends fan and I highly recommend that show, for the few days it has left..😕

  13. What?? Nooooo! I rewatch that every 6 months as to not grt tired of rewatching Friends every day :((

  14. Yeah… Terry did not seem interested in the house at all. Remember the etched tree?

  15. Did she say who would need to be let go before she comes back?

  16. I won’t post a photo or link. It’s easily accessible via Google. I don’t believe in shaming her anymore. I only mentioned it because she is toxic and self destructive. She doesn’t need reality tv. She needs help. It seems she’s actively campaigning for a spot back on the show.

  17. I don’t want to see it, but I’m confused what you are talking about. Is it of her or someone else? What happened?

  18. Stop trying to force Brandi on us! Did you forget she’s mean as hell? She’s a nasty drunk. She made racist remarks to Joyce. She slapped LVP. Outed Denise Richards. Revealed Adrian Maloof’s private reproductive medical history. Don’t forget the drunken tampon string photos. She makes Lisa Rinna look like a saint. These are simply promotional threads from her camp.

  19. I get you guys all hate Rinna, but I guess you’ve all forgotten Kathy is not a good person. When she first showed up on the show, no one here had anything good to say.

  20. Oh jeebus this reallllllly makes me want Denise back more! I want her to take Rinna down

  21. Those are private! But an alleged relationship between Denise and someone who isn't on the show is not???

  22. I hear you. It struck me when she said “I only care about myself.” I am trying to heal from a codependent, toxic situation in which I questioned my own basic needs as a person. Saying “I only care about MYSELF” has helped me find a new way of thinking about leaving the person I was essentially enabling.

  23. Do you remember the statement she said right before? She said, “I don’t give a fuck about the victims.” The victims are people who desperately need money for things like surgeries while she is flaunting $750,000 earrings and other pricey material things.

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