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  1. “every guy I get some where with” as in have a decent convo and then ask me out which has been two. relax

  2. omg I just posted ab this, i’m having this same problem it’s VERY frustrating

  3. i’m on 100 SR and honestly my anxiety has been def came back, I used to be on an ssri and my anxiety went away, but after going to wellbutrin it’s def back but i’m trying to push through it. I think my depression stems from having anxiety and not wanting to leave the house lol so idk how well it’s working for my GAD 💀

  4. Wellbutrin is activating so it could worsen anxiety. You could go back on your SSRI along with the Wellbutrin which many people do. This would be to try to balance everything out. Otherwise you may want to try another med.

  5. okay so could the increased anxiety go away? i’m not sure if I should just power through it or just call my doctor and tell her this isn’t working out

  6. If it is 10x worse I don't know if that much will go away. I would call and see what her thoughts are. Maybe adding the paxil back in with the wellbutrin will get you to where you were without being exhausted or your libido being tanked.

  7. does anyone know when’s the next time we’ll get more info? is it going to be during the trial or will they just randomly release stuff? genuinely curious ab the motive & connections to the victims

  8. and you know NOTHING ab the roommates history yet you’re assuming what she should have done. LMFAOOO

  9. That’s why I just said based on the history we know about this particular situation, and the history know we about how people tend to react. LmFaOoO

  10. ok and based on the history of the case and how people would have reacted I form my opinion that you would have done nothing xoxo

  11. I don’t see why you’re on reddit blaming a young girl who was obviously going through a traumatic moment of not doing the right thing. let me know what you would have done in that moment? absolutely nothing bc you don’t know the full picture you weirdo

  12. she could have thought he was maybe a guest, not had her phone, intoxicated, in shock??? not wanted to leave her room esp since he CAME BACK TO THE HOUSE??? like literally listen to what you’re saying.

  13. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the the case before BK was arrested … the amount of blaming and accusing random college students made me sick but now that there’s a suspect I feel more comfortable following the case since there’s more facts. I think the attention to the case now is less harmless than when there was no suspect and a bunch of 20 y/o’s lives were ruined by millennial stay at home moms on FB and TikTok. honestly the coverage on the case is less toxic now

  14. what do y’all mean “another” when’s the last time we got a bonus? 😭

  15. I never understand the reporters yelling questions like they’re going to get an answer. Maybe it’s part of the job description, but I could never.

  16. reporters need to normalize yelling murderer and fuck you instead of those questions

  17. yeah idk ab traumatizing an employee even more during a probably already shitty shift 💀

  18. I think he saw K and M out tried to make a move with them was rejected and then followed them home. Not sure why X and E were involved just a crime of opportunity in my opinion regarding them

  19. Here is what seems to have most likely happened. I think that he was stalking them at the Corner Club that night. It’s likely that Kaylee or someone else complained and thus, “Adam” (who works at the bar) kicked him out. This explains why Kaylee said she “told Adam everything” - she told him that she had a stalker, or maybe even that she knew who he was somehow, and he removed him for her.

  20. Reddit is honestly so weird for removing that content. It literally makes no sense. It should have stayed up as public record.

  21. I agree but I def think it was his account and LE removed it as they do w/ mass sh**test accounts,etc.

  22. Everyone and their mother will be coming out of the woodwork, whether they knew him well or not at all, met him once or thought they met him, the ones that don't have any clue who he is and just want attention... you get the drift. My "favorites" sarcasm are the randoms that pop up like:

  23. this stuff is already happening just saw a tiktok of a girl talking ab him and his family being at the restaurant she worked at on christmas eve

  24. I saw his Elantra (I live in these apartments currently). It was here up until winter break when it disappeared. I thought it might have been cleared by the police.

  25. that’s so crazy that’s you’re his neighbor!!! do you know anything ab him or like any encounters ( if you’re comfortable sharing ofc )

  26. Nope. I walk my dog past his building all the time but this complex is huge with many families and grad students so it isn’t surprising that I never encountered him.

  27. oh okay yeah makes sense if it’s a huge apartment complex! also saw ur other comment ab feeling guilty ab not reporting his car & just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t be! he was caught and that’s all that matters

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