1. It's such a great eyeshadow topper. Adds a bit of glitter without changing the tone/color of the shadow underneath. I love it so much. I had a mini that lasted almost 2 years - and wasn't even empty, just annoyingly compressed, so I opened a new one. I'm pretty sure this full size will last F O R E V E R.

  2. I hope so because i love it so much.

  3. I feel like I was just dipped into a bath of diamonds.

  4. Search gbp or boxycharm spoilers in this sub. You’re definitely looking at the wrong list. It’s Natasha Denona and drunk elephant and Fenty ect

  5. I have this palette and i loveeeee it, i used rodeo drive this morning

  6. just a tip for the future, everything you might be interested in just add it to your cart. i did that and everything is still in my cart right now even though flash is gone

  7. They were in stock when i checked the app around midnight

  8. Should be in your email confirmation

  9. Probably the last week of the month...

  10. Dior lip gloss and summer Friday for sure.

  11. i got the fenty bundle with the highlighter, a brush and another item. i really dont care about the other things in the bundle BUT i was literally about to buy that highlighter for 42 and saw the bundle for 20. gotta love ipsy lol

  12. I noticed last night before bed that some items came back in stock around 1am est. I was able to get them and then like 10 minutes later it went oos again.

  13. Didn’t even get my March luxe box & when contacting customer service they want to refund for the regular box

  14. How did you contact cs? The email i have is no longer working

  15. I got the teeth whitening kit and I’m in love with it. I used it once and it actually worked!!! I hope you get one of the ones you want.

  16. You get to pick 3 items regardless of how you pay

  17. I have a couple Dior products. My favorites are their lip oils, the maximizer, the glow balm, the forever concealer and the eyeshadow palette in coral. I’m going to pick up the backstage foundation and probably another maximizer and a blush lol

  18. off topic but what happened to that 60% off glossier post from yesterday?

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