1. Ah alright you have tried both? the silicone mod is definitely better in comparison is your opinion?

  2. It certainly makes it feel more substantial that's for sure!

  3. how much ml, would you say it needed to fill out 1 LK67 of silicone rubber DIY?

  4. Roughly 80ml total, 40ml of each part. And yes, the board benefits substantially and improves the sound and feel of any switch, especially some Gazzew switches.


  6. Only the three mode version's OLED can be updated. Keydous sells a replaceable PCB for $29 to make it a three mode.

  7. Matcha Green, Jelly Black, Radiant Red, Yellow Cream are all nice linears that deliver thock/clack especially once lubed.

  8. I'd rather go with a known entity, like a Keychron Q1v2.

  9. I'd stick to the Gateron Milky Yellow KS-3s, the

  10. Hi badmark! How does the sound compare? I would prefer the quieter/thockier one between the two.

  11. It really depends on the material of the case. Holding them and pressing them, the Cap Yellow is slightly deeper than the Milky Cap and Milky Yellow; just slightly.

  12. Epomaker should be avoided at all costs. Amazon is currently investigating claims of fraud, Epomaker sending customers the wrong item numerous times over, and if found to be true (it is), they will lose the ability to sell on Amazon. They've been banned from Reddit, their sub

  13. Understood. Thank you for the informative reply!

  14. Thanks for the heads up. Spammer for sure.

  15. It basically pre-modded, so I would say it's perfect for those who want the sound and feel of a modded board without the work. I've switched to Soda68 as my "Road Warrior" kit as I really enjoy the magnetic cover/wrist rest.

  16. Not budget, but if you want thock can't go wrong with Boba LT.

  17. I have cherry keycaps that im planning to use on my board, however it is north facing. Im just wondering if the strawberries have a long pole stem or no, because I found a really good deal for them for black friday

  18. Travel distance is 4.0mm which means it's not a long stem pole. When it's below 4mm travel then it's a longer pole stem.

  19. So that rules out one way of avoiding interference, the other is harder to know, which would be the shape of the switch body. Hopefully someone will know.

  20. Some manufacturers are starting to make changes. I can confirm that Gazzew's new switches have made changes to their top housing that ensures no interference regardless of the thickness of the Cherry keycaps.

  21. The razer has blues that echo inside my head and its time for a change. I was looking at the oil kings cause I see that name thrown around alot here but they are 3x the price and I wouldn't know the difference anyway.

  22. If you want to remove the sound and tactile feeling then you might like linear. If you like the "feel" of the bump from a blue just not the "click" then a tactile might be your preferred switch. It might be worthwhile investing in a switch tester to find what's right for you.

  23. I appreciate all the responses, atm I do like the feel of the bump but I never used a different keyboard so I might like the feel without the bump as well. I think I will order the Milky yellows and try them out and worse case if I don't like them after a few weeks well it was a $20 lesson and I will try our a tactile.

  24. And you reposted this again why?

  25. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too, thanks!

  26. Hammerhead looks sharp on that board!

  27. I had no idea I could share affiliate links while not being an affiliate. I couldn’t copy and paste your link on mobile for some reason, so I’ll just direct to your link instead.

  28. The app generates "affiliate" links, links to track your activity and sales generated without the payout.

  29. Please do not share affiliate links, please correct the link to this:

  30. That's the thing, you didn't get it through a group buy, you got it for free and then shared it here despite it saying not to promote group buys as I personally and the sub are against group buys since they are anti-consumer.

  31. not gonna lie I barely just saw that rule right now lol my bad going forward I wont on this subreddit

  32. That keyboard and all their keyboards tbh are garbage

  33. I can only agree after time with this one.

  34. honestly sometimes it seems random depending on the particular switch and spring combo lmao

  35. Actually the same or a tad lighter by my finger. Wish I had a force curve tester.

  36. That is it for me. 5 years ago this is what I really wanted when I got my first kumara.

  37. Very nice, glad you found your "endgame", thank for sharing!

  38. Ahaha! Why the quote marks?? This IS it. I'm never buying any keebords related stuff ever again!! 😂😶‍🌫️😊🫠

  39. HUO JI is just a brand that is sometimes placed in front of them. I've ordered them under both names and they are the same keyboard.

  40. I really wish they would make a Bluetooth version of this board, like how there's a Bluetooth version of the Tester 84. It's not as good, though.

  41. Would be nice to have the option.

  42. do you know anything about the aurora65 by odin? I heard its good

  43. I've never had it, but have also heard it's nice.

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