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  1. There's always that 1 branch coming out of rock

  2. Personal opinion but the practical transformation from the movie Junoon was much scarier and believable

  3. With too many cuts, this is a single shot that's why it looks more convincing

  4. Imo it's a perfect scene with proper build up as this is the first time audience sees him transforming.

  5. Zara kabhi, meri nazar, se khud ko dekh bhi

  6. I listened to Qala soundtrack & it was bland as F! Boring

  7. By that logic, Kesariya bored me so it shouldn't have won the award.

  8. I never made sense of how in the hell these people would ever get in that situation... and they all have the same background music

  9. It's the sound it makes, nothing the creator can control

  10. I'm reporting this as triggering. My family, too, was hunted down and murdered by a bar of soap. Why would you post this?!

  11. I recently watched Jubilee on prime. It has depicted 50s Mumbai so we'll. Almost close to this footage

  12. don't forget to charge for the time you spend filling out the task report or timesheet.

  13. the little things, matters the most

  14. one place i worked we had to fill out timesheet broken up into sections of 15minutes, had to fill out what you were doing in that 15min period and provide reference numbers or evidence if required. it was nuts, but there was a ref code for filling out timesheet as it took so long

  15. So the find wasting 2 mins to fill out timesheet every 15 mins, productive?

  16. Watch. THIS will get another season. But the show you care about with great ratings? Nah...that stays cancelled.

  17. I would suggest you to try Google Lens on this picture to know who this legendary is, and then regret typing all this BS

  18. Anyone having issues with streaming? I can't watch it in HD. Tried using multiple devices and ISP's including jio fiber.

  19. I watched it yesterday evening. Only faced buffering issue twice. Which got resolved immediately when I went back and played again.

  20. Did you watched on mobile? I want to watch on my pc. But it's blurry. Same happens with ipl.

  21. No, I watched it on my laptop using Mobile hotspot.

  22. 2 weeks. It's like a super rush always. And we need to be active in slack 🫠

  23. We always have bugs. And if I create one it's my fault and I have to own the task and fix it. But if I find someone's bug I have to fix them as well because I'm a developer.

  24. Pro Tip: Always open it in an incognito tab

  25. If that's true and it's all for views then we as a society has failed

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