1. I'd recommend three spots (all vegan and veggie friendly):

  2. Can confirm this is in London! Johnny Schnitzel in Clerkenwell

  3. I'll be the judge of that. Where?

  4. Definitely, it's another fav of mine. The garlic mayo they use is sensational

  5. “Inspired” doing a lot of work here. Looks delicious though

  6. You said it, not me 😂 And it was delicious in parts, particularly the hummus and dak dak salad.

  7. looks absolutley delicious i love middle eastern food

  8. Yes! This was from their branch near Leicester Square, London

  9. 100% right my friend! I've visited more times than I care to remember🫣😂

  10. This is 100% Maize Blaze in London, right? Love that place, food tastes as good as it looks.

  11. haha i noticed it straight away as well. Used to live two blocks away and id get one of these almost once a month. And their arepa's are damn good too!

  12. During the pandemic there was a period I'd have one of their Arepas a week🫣😂 damn good indeed!

  13. Eating out or homemade? Recipe please if you've got it. :)

  14. Eating out! I got these from a place called ChaCha Roll in Central London

  15. I'm assuming that the green one is matcha? What's the flavor of the one in the back? They both look fantastic

  16. Yep, green one is matcha and the one in the back is crème brulé

  17. What's the thing on the left side? Something like Tinga shredded chicken?

  18. This is from a place called Juici Jerk in London. This was when they were in Mercato Metropolitano, but now they're located in Selfridges

  19. Unfortunately no recipe, this was at a restaurant called Cinquecento in London! This pizza had spicy salami, fresh red and green chillis, nduja, and mozzarella

  20. Holy shit this sounds amazing. How were they? Did you buy or make?

  21. I got this from a restaurant called 201 Asian Kitchen in Wimbledon, London!

  22. Did you get this in downtown LA? There’s a place there with exactly this and that ice cream is so damn good!

  23. Nah, this is from a place called Soft Serve Society in Shoreditch, London!

  24. Their Regina pizza is my absolute jam. I get it delivered to my office when I'm feeling like being fat.

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