1. Honestly, fogged up helmet visor or even worse fogged up sunglasses is one of the most terrifying things for me while riding.


  3. I would bet on racoon. Smarter, nimbler. Koala couldn't pin it down, it would just jiggle out of the hold.

  4. Pizza burek is a delicious abomination invented in Ljubljana. You are supposed to eat it dead drunk at 6:30 a.m and throw it up 20 minutes later. And it looks the same going in and going out.

  5. Imagine burek stuffed with the cheapest gouda like cheese, ketchup, poultry "ham" and optionally mushrooms. Baked until cheese turns to lava and serve to drunk people. If the guy selling it doesn't try to sell you a stolen phone, the place is not any good.

  6. Enjoy it greatly and I hope any potential new plane variant will be named after him.

  7. its funny even to this day everyone whines about manipulation, werid vechain moves almost spot on with every other major crypto as bitcoin goes up and down 90% of the time. So is this same manipulation being applied to the entire market in the fashion to which you refer?

  8. Dude, I was talking about movements in relation to BTC (that's why I stated satoshi price) also, why the fuck are commenting on over a year old dead thread?

  9. Interesting. So what is the best way for a home baker to avoid cooling the loaves too quickly? Mine do that and I always assumed it was normal.

  10. Three in my class would have injured themselves on an 07. They could barely handle the 250. One knucklehead showed up with a full suit he got on Amazon and motocross boots, and he could barley stay upright. And he said his first bike was going to be a CBR600RR. SMH

  11. Weird, where I live we do one on one training with instructors. And most schools have "low powered" 600cc bikes. Kawa ern-6, mt-07,... But if you want to get A2 (over 35kw) license you have to be at least 24 years old or have 125cc license for at least 2 years.

  12. Although I was glad for the easy license in the US, Europe definitely does it right with the tiered system. Our "training" over here is just the absolutely simplest beginner stuff, then you can go buy an H2 with no real riding experience. It's nuts.

  13. Due to 24 year limit there are so much less bikers on the roads now. And due to culture anything with less than 100hp is considered kid's/girl's bike.

  14. Yep it's just twice as expensive as a year ago and just x10-x20 more than 2 years ago, no way something insignificant like this it will fuk over Europe industries

  15. Where? My gas bill is maybe 15% higher here in Slovenia, which comes to about 8€ per month. Hardly a significant change.

  16. That is really hard because the best producers of super bikes are not that jew friendly (Japan, Italy and Germany). Maybe try a Triumph?

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