What’s a non-covid reason that you like wearing a mask for?

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  1. Casting revive never guarantees revivification. If the soul isn’t willing, they aren’t coming back.

  2. Blaylock hands down. I had my surgery in 2012 and it was best and most selfish thing I have ever spent money on. I would recommend to anyone who has been thinking about it.

  3. Is it just me or is that the worst photoshop ever?

  4. Kronk’s Spinach Puffs. He worked so hard on them.

  5. Yeah, I admit that some of the things in the review are my fault (like I probably should have thoroughly looked at the ingredients before buying the advent calendar) but the fact that some of the nut teas didn’t have labels on them while others did was concerning. I saw so many great reviews for teas I found disappointing and now I’m wondering how accurate they actually are.

  6. They aren’t. They remove negative comments all the time.

  7. The same thing happened to me when I posted I was dispointed in the new updated subscription box.

  8. OMG these look amazing, babygirl! I would be honoured to receive one of these gift boxes!

  9. I totally brought a bottle of wine when I went last and has one of those stainless steel wine sippy cups that I was carrying around while we were playing Magic Quest.

  10. Keeps my face warm when I am walking in the winter!

  11. What Does the Fox Say was just what the original was: absurdly delightful. I don’t think it was meant to be anything but.

  12. Check and see if your college has tutors paid for by tuition. My college does. They have tutors for math, English, and the sciences. They are so helpful.

  13. Nice addition!! I shouldn't have just assumed OP was in the US.

  14. No worries, I got your back. Us moms need to stick together for our internet babies!

  15. This totally smells of “someone broke the windows of my car already and took something and it is just cheaper for me to rent a room here and blame it on you because I don’t have insurance”.

  16. We usually take ours to the dealership, but I really suggest NOT going to Bob’s Repairs. When the battery is my car wasn’t holding a charge, he tried to blame me and what shit talking me to my hubby. “Women are always leaving the lights on and draining the battery” and crap like that. He then just charged the battery and sent my hubby on their way and charged a stupid amount. Next day, battery died again. Limped my car to the dealership and the battery cells were shot, we needed to replace the battery.

  17. People are awful. I am planning on doing my shopping this week in Langley to make sure Abbotsford has supplies to people who can’t get out of town to do shopping just in case.

  18. JG98 says:

    I don't know how Langley is as a whole but the issue has been similar there from what I heard. I wish people didn't panic so easily and kept up with the news which would have eased their unwarranted worries. Also the government is asking for people to avoid non essential travel on the free ways so essential transportation can get going again especially to places that were hard hit by the flooding. Please avoid the free way if you can when making your trip and most importantly stay safe with all the increased traffic and reckless driving going on lately.

  19. Thank you so much for the heads up! I will keep my ear to the ground before I go and not head out if it isn’t a good idea! We aren’t in dire straights if we have to wait an extra week.

  20. She's saved in his phone as grandma Wanda 🥰 I need one of those I miss my granny

  21. I melted when I noticed that. So freaking wholesome!

  22. I love that you want to be your authentic self! I don’t care if you bring home a boy, a girl, an enbi or multiple humans at once. Just don’t bring home someone who is an asshole.

  23. Ummm I put my cat’s wet food on our side plates the few times they get wet food.

  24. For any spell that requires verbal components, I like to imagine that all of the words are super long, just to freak out people with Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of Long Words).

  25. I got mine at Costco and it is a La-Z-Boy and fantastic. My thought are if you are going to be sitting in it for 8-10 hours get a good one.

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