1. I feel like it's a common thing that newer writers mimic stylish pro dialogue without understanding what drives it. Zuckerberg shares more than his anxiety about getting into a final club (I had to check lol), and Jules and Vincent aren't just talking hamburgers.

  2. Spore and False Swipe have made Breloom my primary carchermon, technician hidden ability is kinda gravy on top of that.

  3. A look at Breloom's Smogon page is pretty wild.

  4. Might be minor, but I find a lot of "futuristic" clothing just looks like shit. Obviously if you're out on the planet surface you gotta be protected, but inside the colony? Who wouldn't be lounging in jeans and a sweater?

  5. Are you trying to say that my Griff Tannen helmet isn't a good look?

  6. Logically speaking, if we could actually reach the speed of light, it’d be a serious hazard for any planet sustaining life. A jetliner sizes spaceship hitting a planet at the speed of light would basically destroy it.

  7. I've always had this thought in the back of my mind.

  8. I basically wrote 95% of that Black Mirror San Junipero episode years before it aired, but didn’t show the script to anyone.

  9. I kind of take it as a good sign when I see similarities with unshared work. If it's concept, it means I'm improving my nose for marketability, and if it's story or character, I'm making similar decisions to people who are getting paid and produced.

  10. I've had several veteran writers advise me to have this exact mindset. I share this advice with newer writers all the time. I'm so glad to hear someone else spreading it.

  11. Glad to hear it from somebody with a "produced" tag.

  12. That would be cool. Sort of incentive players to deal with them early. But also maybe make barb camps give more gold the farther they progress.

  13. Yeah, the reward kind of diminishes relative to the risk as you move into new eras.

  14. I mean, that seems like a problem with GF just not putting in the effort to write actual stories for the characters they put in the world. The lack of random NPCs with some amount of interesting stories makes S/V feel very strange for an open world game, where such NPCs are generally expected.

  15. With you but only if it doesn't turn into a million cutscenes.

  16. For me, it's because I like seeing my carefully planned empire reach its full potential. Kinda like those city builder games. And big numbers make my primitive brain feel good :P

  17. I actually kind of wish there was more city building in Civ.

  18. I mean, look at those number… you don’t need help… you have “fuck you” money and science there.

  19. I've played a few games as Teddy Roosevelt and rolled Sinbad early.

  20. Depends entirely on who you're talking to and the nature of the conversation but generally I'll tell people what the story is about in big broad terms (ex: it's an inner city noir murder mystery) and if they want to discuss details I can zoom in from there to details on season 1 or the pilot or just themes, location and character.

  21. Agree—know your story enough that you can tailor information to the audience.

  22. Steve Buscemi as Clive, and Nicolas Cage as Larry right?

  23. I know he's moved into more of an action phase, but John Krasinski could also be an excellent candidate. Jim looks at the gym.

  24. Only if you get to make sandwiches between walks about.

  25. Hi! I've worked in the animation field for over 15 years now on both the production side and writing side. I'm currently staffed on a show and am actively pitching. You don't have to be an animator, but you should have knowledge of animation itself. The process, what it takes to create an animated show, and the differences in writing for animation versus live action. Getting an animated series greenlit is harder than live action because animation is expensive and more labor intensive with a delayed payoff for the companies backing it with funds, so your pitch has got to be your best work!

  26. This is an incredibly helpful advice—I've been lucky enough to get to know some staffed animation folks (a mix of writing, storyboarding, casting, and voice), and I would go to them well before I ever spoke to any agents or decision-makers if I had something animated in mind.

  27. I’m glad they’re variants of a new Pokémon

  28. Would be interesting to see the whole "fossilmon are only Rock because they were fossils first" theory come to light.

  29. I know we got confirmation that the apricorn-style balls had fairly widespread use at least a century or two ago, but I can't help but wonder why Ungabungus (cannon now) is mimicking a Pokéball in like, the Cretaceous.

  30. I think dialogue is a process where in you take 10 steps forward and 5 steps back. To carefully push the scene where it needs to go with some trial and error.

  31. Yeah, I always romanticized the idea of a pen and paper in HS and would take it with me in the car, to beaches, etc. where a computer was (at least then) less feasible. But I kind of got nowhere with it and just got annoyed with all the chicken scratch and scratch outs.

  32. Not a clue, I'm assuming it's just one DLC that'll add that blocked off part of the map in the top right corner.

  33. Settle next to a flood plain. Aqueduct + dam + city center is an automatic +5 industrial zone. Try to orient it within 6 tiles of a few cities. The "detailed map tacks" mod makes it a lot easier to plan for

  34. When I started out, I was so scared of settling in a flood plain because of how often rivers flood and prospective damage to city centers.

  35. Did you have the starting issues before the Leader Pass? I would have to restart my M1 Pro before playing, but once it was restarted it went smoothly. Have you found any changes since getting the pass?

  36. I didn't even get the Leader Pass—I ran the update but didn't do anything out of the ordinary otherwise. After getting the error, I did a soft uninstall (dragging the icons to trash) and a hard one (deleting all Steam files from the Library—bummed, but didn't have many unfinished games I was revisiting anyways), reinstalling and restarting.

  37. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and went into my library folders when just dragging it to the trash wasn't enough.

  38. I can't speak to industry standards on cost, but I do think a volume basis is better than a time basis if you can figure out a good target—at least for me, personally. Coming out of professional services, time is a terrible way to do things, because you can actually get paid the same for doing "more" (volume) work the more efficient you get. Would rather just get comped for doing a good job.

  39. Folks have mentioned nose work, so, yes, that—but we also play a game where we get the people in our house to be in different, sometimes hidden places to reinforce "come."

  40. First try to use lures to train for heel at first, and then use hand cues. I motion by my side and point at my eyes for Luffy to emphasize where he should be walking and to maintain “focus”.

  41. I was honestly relieved to see stage 3. When my little guy evolved last night

  42. I understand people not wanting to be spoiled, but my lord I cannot imagine choosing a starter without knowing if its final form is going to be cool or not.

  43. I'm a Gen 1-era fan with a relative in Japan who used to send me the games before we'd get the same kind of leaks.

  44. What hurts me most is losing the megas that made bad pokemon good, if we can just have those back in some way I'd be happy.

  45. I also felt like where the design of Pokémon shifts periodically between generations, it made that gap a little smaller between basic Gen 1 Pokémon and higher-concept ones from Gen 3+

  46. I'm coming at this as less of a marketer and more as a former consultant.

  47. One thing that's kind of adjacent to all the social listening and news aggregation stuff but I've found super helpful is

  48. Elon sure isn’t helping… what good brands would want to associate themselves with that cess pit?

  49. Gotta think contextual relevance. Septic tanks can make a killing.

  50. idk right now it’s all so grimy and makes me wanna die. i get on instagram, an advertisement pops up first. i get on facebook, a video from asia pops up with some wild shit on it. i get on Linkedin and some unrelated statement by Forbes pops up. it’s really killing me mentally, we’re seeing a rise in self help mental apps but whose to say those will improve things. idk

  51. The first few you mention is just the flip from OOH to programatic over-saturation. It's terrible, but it was inevitable. Something, something digital billboards...

  52. 99% of the content on social channels is the same cross-posted garbage. It's not rocket surgery. Use a tool to automate posting all your content to different channels (i.e. Hootsuite).

  53. Often, a ghostly apparition will appear, telling you the time has come to lay your hands upon the sacred typewriter. Often, the ghost resembles Billy Wilder, or William Goldman, or Akira Kurosawa - but in my case it was Paul Schrader, whacking me with a golf club and yelling, "You better write this fuckin script cos I sure as shit ain't doin it."

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