1. Here come the, “that guy sucked anyway” comments.

  2. I really like Abe and I think he's better than most of the LIV crew so far!

  3. I enjoy Mad Dog calling out Howard for being a covid coward. I think everyone now think's Howard is a tin foil crazy man

  4. Best part of today's show for sure. Unfortunately Howard will remain a coward and the show will continue to suffer.

  5. Sounds like he's been eating the same food Riley used to eat before his shows.

  6. Seriously, it's like he's on the verge of puking!

  7. Skipped that entire section of the show once Wilding came on with that crap. Right in the garbage!

  8. I definitely want to watch Spieth and Morikawa but they're teeing off super early for those of us on the west coast. Guess I'll catch them in the 2nd round!

  9. Kinda fitting that one of the guys I never liked took the inaugural win. Now I want to watch even less than I did before.

  10. This is a weird one, especially since the official had said it happened with his driver in the past! Also, they were now operating under the incorrect assumption that the rule only applied to drivers, and it sounds like it was applied all over the face of the club, whatever the substance was.

  11. What point in the video is the UHHH AAAAH part?

  12. The actual drops are from an interview he did on WWE:

  13. I want to hear this Molly Shannon interview but she keeps say "mmm hmm" after everything howard says.. and i can't stop laughing. reminds me of some prank call they did years ago where Kevin Nealon did the same thing.. i think trying to buy a car

  14. I was going to give the interview a chance and then Howard started out with her relationship with her father. Turned it off immediately. He must be trolling us at this point.

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