1. Jesus Christ is this really a thing. Jacksonville is getting crazy

  2. Flush with grape Kool-Aid, this may not be the best answer but it actually works. Just saying. Also I have never done this but I have seen it done from other growers. And if we can get the temp below 60 it helps

  3. Looks like the pgr street weed we see here in aus what did you feed that thing doesn’t look tasty

  4. No pgr’s bro, but I do do ( hahaha dodo) something in the initial stretch of flower that tightens node spacing. And when done on super stretchy strains you get huge dense buds. Obviously lighting and environment play a huge role also.

  5. I've seen videos of it, but I don't know...I'm not totally sold yet.

  6. If you you at any finished product in my profile, all been done with that bag. I haven’t hand trimmed in years, we have found it works great until you hit 20 kilos then just add another bag.

  7. The vibrations might do something but probably not enough for the human eye to tell

  8. Looking great bro, if you don’t have a plan for when those branches start sagging from weight m, start thinking about that. But awesome job sir

  9. Your not alone bro, I felt this way for about the last year. Something’s coming, and the stupider the subject the news reports on the closer I feel it’s getting. You know like 24 hour coverage on an actors divorce.

  10. I think this has more to do with your environment than what you’re feeding it. If you can stay under 80 degrees, 60rh, and 6.5 ph

  11. Well done, I love that this plant has its own spot in your backyard. You should totally get it a street sign that says Cannabis corner

  12. I would consistently remove any large leaf blocking light to the lower parts of the plant. Just don’t go crazy stripping everything. But 5 lrg a day won’t hurt anything.

  13. So how long you suppose to leave that deliciousness hanging?

  14. I love how this is just in the living room like A house plant

  15. Transplant them into something bigger feed and water a few times then get them on a nutrient plan you’re good to go baby

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