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  1. This answer comes from an insanely privileged positon. He's

  2. That’s ur opinion of Elon, and I’m not saying I don’t agree with the points you have made, but last time I checked the question was “Tim, what do YOU think of Elon now?” And he answered exactly that lol

  3. He did answer that. It was a disappointing answer and that’s what I said. The conversation shouldn’t stop at Tim’s boot licking.

  4. I don't get people's mentality here. What does "your answer is not it" even mean? If you already have an answer in mind on how he should've answered it, then why even ask the question? Only to seek confirmation of your own opinions?

  5. this is so true, actually touches on a common misconception of the show

  6. Blow off valve instead of a diverter. You don't need to change the exhaust for that.

  7. doesn't putting the car in sport mode also "dump extra fuel into the exhaust" to make the popping sound? does that kill your car too?

  8. Ideally there shouldn't be any fuel dumped out the exhaust. Unburnt fuel doesn't make more power. If your idea of "sport mode" is "more pops and bangs" then you need a new tuner.

  9. Thanks but i don’t need a dealers marketing page to tell me how my car sound or what its doing in sport mode. by “need a new tuner” you are suggesting Porsche engineers decided to f’ my car from the factory? Have you driven a modern 911 lol? I’m 99% sure the OP just got a cat delete with the new exhaust. Agree its not good for the environment, but all turbo 911s (and a lot of cars from other manufactures do this now) do the fuel trick to “fart” in sport mode

  10. this is exactly my problem, I don't need people to explain to me what they are, or how to move layers between them, the question is WHY DO SOME FILES HAVE THESE WEIRD LABELS/SEPARATIONS and HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM ONCE I HAVE IT. Because once you have them, they do this extremely annoying thing where anything you create in the overall frame will default to be under "scrolled", which is a always the section below "fixed", and gets covered by whatever that's under fixed.

  11. would PM but did you find a aero75 already? I have a new storm (white)

  12. Yup im still waiting for gmk oblivion. This will be my last ever keyboard purchase. Im sick of waiting to build the keycult I bought over 2 years ago.

  13. 2 keycap GB's and since then I only buy extras or in stock items. Alot of GB's you can pick up some extras after production is done for basically the same price

  14. Exactly. Also gives you more time to evaluate the product based on feedback from other folks who have already received theirs. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on some fancy renderings

  15. I figured out to only buy sh*t that's in stock early on in my venture into this hobby. Even if that means I have to pay a bit extra or buy them second hand on mechmarket. Nothing else in this world requires the customers to pay FULL COST upfront a year or two in advance with no end in sight. Even kickstart campaigns are expected to update people of the progress along the way.

  16. It's incredibly beautiful and sounds great by the way

  17. Show me a paystub and I’ll quit my job right now and come work for you

  18. do you ever worry about a break in at your house when u are at work, when the other 19 rolexes are just sitting there

  19. pm here again in case you missed it...

  20. are they polycarbonate cases "titan gray" or the frost white?

  21. thought this was some weird feature with the new OSX. Judging from this thread its been around for 2 months now, is apple aware and fixing this??

  22. Enjoy! owner of first gen s since late 2014, from the two of us to now 2.5 (baby) and its still a great car

  23. Lol gotta love the whole “I am really nervous to be interviewed for the opportunity to give a sales person 10-20k”

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