1. Yeah. I think this guy is really smart and I enjoy his content. But I just don’t understand the theory.

  2. Time is like a vinyl record. We are nearly at the end. The demiurg, satan, lucifer, whatever has build this realm he can only make a copy of the original universe. We live under a plasma dome, at the end of the timerecord the big destroyer comes around. Like the times of noah, it happened before..the duration of the timerecord is discussable. Remember atlantis and others

  3. So this simulation has only been running for about 200 years? Has there been multiple throughout history then?

  4. Yes thousands, together with your similar dimensions depanding upon your choice. Every you is living further after a choice you make. See the movie flashback

  5. Just wait till they find out death is a 4D construct that stops your resonance with 3D moments you're no longer compatible with, hopefully by then it's not too late and they don't have to employ the 4D construct of time to stitch together 3D moments until they're back to their birth.

  6. I think what i mean is that they can modify your dna through the vax. When you cut your hand of it will regenerate..for example.. so no escape then. Slave forever

  7. My reality stopped with the vacksssseen years ago, there are bigger fish to fry than mediocre issues of free will, those are illusions meant to distract you from the real issues. The people here are so focused on a singular soul trap that they have ignored all the other soul traps.

  8. Yes probably their are much soul traps, like the droste effect. It's all distraction here, from day one

  9. They are the tip of the spear at best, there is much more competent and well versed saturn worshippers hiding behind the scenes. Most notably illuminati/freemasonry/CIA and the vatican/jesuits. The higher up groups love using jews as a scapegoat though to distract you from actual secret societies, as they have been for 100s of years.

  10. Yes i understand, they often play their antsemitic cart.. but these are a specific group of J's. The Khazars, i think they are a big part of our controllers here. Left and right.. Just like Lenin said "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself" Their are also 13 satanic families like Morgan, etc.. italic

  11. Your pride will get you one day You are the narrowminded, just because you are the many and gang down voting me/others doesnt mean you have the truth. I can debate with you for hours but i see thar it wont help cause you think you know everything Good luck with that attitude you are only hurting yourself.. and others with spreading lies

  12. I think it's time for your next boostershot

  13. Did i just saw a little black cube on a masters J-head?? I find this totally racist, homofobic, antisemitic... ;-)

  14. I wonder what through his chimney went, visiting Epsteins Island?

  15. In these days men will search for death but will not find him.... how bigger enslavement do you wish for??

  16. Anyone familiar with this information? Helped me years ago understanding our perception

  17. It's about the knowledge of escaping after death...after you have connecting the dots, the only True thing to do is stay laughing.. as much as you can...gently down the is but a dream. You can't escape while living, so make the best of it

  18. I also suffered from a weed induced psychosis in my youth and one later stress induced. What me personally helped is the knowing of the dying of the ego then, in your healing process try more and more to live in the eternal now, and die your ego off with every breath. It gave me a kind if "fuck off i am truly free" by the way i am officialy als a schizo 🀣. That also gives you a stigma, so you have to become very strong.. the story up here about the scary devil gives me a big smile. So powerfull even the darkenest one will fear you. Learn the attitude about "not giving a fuck " here and in our afterlife. Give the parasites nothing, less emotions, less food for them.. starve them out of your mind... after that it's gonna be quiet in your head πŸ˜‰

  19. I wonder what you think of this? It's lisa gerrard, sings with no language

  20. They system was drugging you my friend keeping you from being awaken or alive if you will.

  21. Yes that's true, i was sedated for years, i remember i had my thoughts but i could not speak them out. Flat living. Like some plastic layer wrapped around you. Psychology and psychiatry are in my opinion just a bunch of opinions... it's no science. They don't go to the core, just observe, draw conclusions and give pills. I remember once i had to draw a tree, and after that i had to draw the other tree...

  22. Yes. They treat patients like testing vehicles with different drugs.i helped s friend quit taking hers and she then returned to a normal life.

  23. What i found since end of 2019 was the altered, artificial reality in our society. Often i feel litteraly sick from the idea that we live in the lies.. an ocean of lies

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