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  1. That's why it's called a joke. Because he's not really going to leave his wife over it. If he left his wife over it then it wouldn't be a joke.

  2. I'm being a sourpuss this week. Let me live my life.

  3. How much does something like that trailer go for? I got a little bumper pull flatbed last year then got an f250 with a goose neck hitch. Looking for a beefier trailer now.

  4. This one was $10,995 + TTL. Came out to $12,315 out the door.

  5. Scrolling along. See your Pic and think, that's Baton Rouge.

  6. I dont know what any of this means but it looks cool. Awesome looking set up!

  7. did you install this yourself or did you pay to have this work done

  8. The only thing I paid to have done were the pillars to be built.

  9. I don't have a joke. I don't have anything funny to say.

  10. They are pulling through the rad. There is about 6" between case and wall.

  11. You sure? Most fans exhaust out the side with the framing or the "ugly" side. It looks like these are oushing air from inside the case through the rad...With that much wattage in there, you may get better performance by adding a few more case fans as well

  12. I'm not sure of anything, to be honest. I'll double-check.

  13. My go-to's are Mosconi Pro 1|10, Helix C One, and Helix P One

  14. What’s the upper digital display for? The one showing 85 something at the end..

  15. Forgive my ignorance but is that something you can just remap a stock ecu or do you have a aftermarket stand alone ecu? Holding my foot on the gas is annoying after awhile haha

  16. This is a stock ECU re-flash, in this case, using HP Tuners.

  17. I'd almost rather that than have a comment section full of know-it-alls who don't know anything at all.

  18. DECKED THE F OUT! Nice Collection!

  19. Built-up over time, and I'm sure there are more tools I'm not thinking about off-hand.

  20. Omg where are you located and how much do you charge to be a friend for 3 hours? Lol

  21. I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And I'm not sure what I'd charge yet.

  22. Ah no worries about that. Though that would be cool!

  23. Will this have the new kicker solo x subs? They were announced for 2021... then nothing.

  24. Any news on the New Solo X ? Or it’s just shortage of supplies still?

  25. The L7x is super close. I was hands on with quite a few cool things this week. Including their new demo vehicle.

  26. I don't think I ever used the Spotify app on my JVC or Pioneer headunit.

  27. New cluster? Or self install mod?? I like it, but as stated the blue.. blue lights give me migraines...

  28. This is starting to look like the interior of one of the squatted trucks whistling diesel has purchased. The rest of your taste is similar as well

  29. Don’t listen to the Karen’s of the world. New cars have such bright headlights it doesn’t even compare. Your truck looks fantastic. I love seeing these go down the road. Just sad I didn’t buy one haha. But with the prices so high these days I went with a gasser third gen

  30. My 2500 AT4 comes factory with a two inch lift and LED lamps. People flash me ALL the time.... it's factory.

  31. Also, please remember that the life you see people live on social media isn't real.

  32. Welcome to the ranks of Reddit legend. See you the (Top - All Time) soon.

  33. You are a Man of Focus, Commitment, and Sheer Fucking Will.

  34. I hope to whatever higher power he believes in that he used a VPN and an incognito tab.

  35. No, he did it the right way. Logged into his personal G-Mail account on his work laptop sitting at the bosses desk. No other way would be better.

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