1. And the trolls start a feeding freznzy.

  2. I stand by my statement. If all the government idiots were correctly educated the problem wouldn't exist. Exercise your right to vote and put forth candidates that think beyond their own bias.

  3. Enough of this. I don't get a straight hetero sexual male day or month. The important thing is teach people to be respectful of others views, lifestyles, and opinions and not infringe on others rights.

  4. Will you be patient and talk me through how to use the back door?

  5. I totally enjoy. Even better is when you enjoy also.

  6. Pretty unlikely, we all do something a bit different. Just as each tastes different, what I may do will be different.

  7. Nope, pretty sure I will do a better job on it. Along with lips and tongue my hands and fingers stay active.

  8. Start our day with a sweet breakfast and aerobics.

  9. Need more body language and practice.

  10. Deeper then you think, harder then you can imagine. That's just with my tongue 👅

  11. Having grown up as a hugger and going to nudist resorts, the classic type A hug where you lean in and grasp shoulders is usually appropriate. A little less formal for spouses and good friends where lower body can touch. Under no conditions is the make out/get a room acceptable. Appropiate use of your towel helps. Always carry a towel.

  12. Have a better position, both of us would be happy. Me on back with my legs up on you. Bounce down to ride me, use my thighs as a landing pad.

  13. Mostly correct, need your drippings mixed with mine.

  14. Looks like everything exceeded my expectations.

  15. Not a day over 46, just kidding I thought late 20's or early 30's

  16. Not possible to look any cuter. Oh, your breasts are perfect.

  17. Have never seen anything as beautiful. WOW!!!

  18. I'll only let you sit on my face if you promise not to crush me between your legs as you hit I take you to the moon.

  19. I actually noted those before your beautiful ass cheeks....

  20. They had wrong part of Anatomy. Maybe thunder butt as your cheeks clap together.

  21. Definitely a squeeze first as we kiss and I reach around.

  22. Excuse me, you called for fresh towels and a stud.

  23. Can tell, he's just laying there. Trade up to a man that will work you.

  24. Add more and rub it all over as a skin treatment.

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