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  1. Darwin was a dumb motherfucker. He made theories about God just by observing some random parasitic wasps.

  2. Greg looks like how Vegeta from DBZ would look if he were a smol cat.

  3. 30-30, Sentinel, Rampage, Bow, G7, Alternator, Havoc, Eva, CAR? Anything else missing?

  4. I once wore a shirt to work. People from my department tried to remind me that I don't work in an office.

  5. I don't think you are supposed to bring any electronics besides your phone in the building

  6. I wish they’d put the LStar + P2020 in there just to get them off the floor. I’ll miss the Havoc for that split

  7. Very inspiring!! I'm the same height but stuck at 190lbs for months but hope to go down to around 150.

  8. Your AM probably fired too many people and suddenly realised the department is short staffed.

  9. Don’t take it personally. It’s business need. They need another warm body to lift this thing, move that thing, scan the other thing.

  10. Uh okay. But I've noticed there are some people that don't get moved at all? There's a PA in my department who don't move people because they are her friends or are from her own country.

  11. It's voluntary time off and you can continue to keep working your 40 or 36 hrs a week.If you are worried that you are not getting VET then you might have to wait a little. And saying NO to labor sharing can cause disciplinary action. So in a nutshell your Ams might be being a little aggressive but they are not breaking any rules so far.

  12. OK but how long till this slow season lull end? Are things going to pick up after March?

  13. What's with Wrestling Soup (Joey and Mish) bashing AEW in every single podcast they do nowadays?

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