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  1. =TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE,IF(I9:P9="Needed",COLUMN(I9:P9)-8,"None"),IF(Q9:R9="Needed","Setup","None"))

  2. Thank you, this is very close to what I’m looking for and a huge help! Any advice on how to get it to print “None” only once instead of 10 times over?

  3. Add that as an IF condition at the start... also the below will output SETUP only if both Q9 and R9 have Needed, if you want it to show SETUP when at least one of them is needed, change the =2 to >=1

  4. That worked with some slight modification, thank you!!

  5. As far as I can tell on the manufacture website the 43x and 42 use the same light. Part number 69270 and 69280 with the laser being the difference.

  6. The MOS variants of the 43x and 48 both have rails to attach lights, this light will not fit a standard 42/43/43x/48 (non-mos) frame.

  7. There are 2 43X MOS variants, one has a rail the other does not. The one with a rail the TLR-6 will not fit, you need the TLR-7sub for that one. As far as I know there is no difference between the 43 and non railed 43X frame. The TLR-6 that works with a rail will only fit full size rails (G26, 30, 19).

  8. Not sure where you got your info from, but there is only 1 version of MOS 43x/48 and that version only comes with a rail from the factory. There is no non-rail MOS option that comes factory.

  9. Love apollo been using it for years and I wouldn’t switch for anything else!

  10. the Holosun 407c/507c has a noticeably wider footprint than the 48mos slide, it really isn’t the best choice for slimline glocks.

  11. Where’d you find a Gen4 19 MOS that hasn’t been bubba’d? I’ve been looking for one for months.

  12. I purchased mine a few years ago before covid, and didn’t mutilate it for carry/defense reasons. I like to keep it stock

  13. There is a fix. You slide it into place from the front to back. You don’t install it straight down.

  14. wedging the scs into place isn’t a fix. the bottom of the optic is milled slightly smaller than what the mos accepts, filing the optic is required to get it to sit flush.

  15. sexy. how are you liking the pmm comp?

  16. haven’t found one I liked, so it’s just been sitting around

  17. A streamlight TLR-8A fits perfectly on the pro, and it’s almost flush at the front.

  18. Curious on what holster you use for it with the tlr-8a. I havent found any for the pro and that light combo

  19. it’s not holstered, couldn’t find one I liked so it just sits on my nightstand. switched to a G48 mos for carry

  20. Wish you would’ve taken measurements of the screws after all said and done! 😖

  21. I ended up cutting my screws down to 10mm when I direct mounted my 507k to my 48

  22. Still needing mags? Got 2 oem and 3 shield arms.

  23. any chance you have the mag release for the shield mags too?

  24. with the plate i assume you didn’t need to grind any of the studs down on the slide right?

  25. No complaints actually. I was fairly skeptical for the first couple of months since I’ve done bit of reading about folders but it’s been great.

  26. Banshee looks great with a folding adapter!

  27. Your Holosun should have come with 2 sets of screws, the longer ones can be filed down to the length you need but that’s a pain

  28. quick question what kydex design is that from their website?

  29. my previous offer still stands for all 5 mags.

  30. If you’re willing to do $110 shipped on all 5, I’ll buy.

  31. The 43x MOS has the rail built in already, so that’s easy. You can always go the cheap route with Talon Grips, or ball out & send the frame off to get stippled. Mags are personal preference, some people swear by the S15 mags, other don’t use them & have had issues, some as bad as leaving gouges on the inside of the frame. Barrel again is personal preference.

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