1. I have a bunch of black friends who feel the same way about the term "African American". They feel as if it's just another way for white ppl to treat them like they don't belong here. It's not like we call white ppl European Americans.

  2. Those Twitter accounts with the stone bust profile pics are fuckin weirdos

  3. If the men are anything like my pops when it came to fixing things, then please call a professional to handle shit.

  4. And the shelves collapsed in the middle of the night too. So, my parents had to take him to an ER in the wee hours of the morning.

  5. Oof. He was almost Harry Potter! I'm glad he's okay tho. At least his scar comes with a funny story

  6. "African American" here and we mostly call ourselves black. It's mostly other ppl that call us that. I know some blk British ppl and they call themselves just that. British or black British. If they came from someone else they'd add the whole nationality not the whole continent.

  7. True. I just say I am a black american. I have no meaningful connection to Africa

  8. Same here. I hope to one day visit Africa ofc but I don't need to value the connection there more than what I have here. We've got our own roots here and other blk ppl in this hemisphere don't need to make an African connection. All the blk Latinos and west Indians got here the same way we did but they don't need an African hyphen. We don't need it either.

  9. Personally I’ve stopped proofreading as I feel rushed to finish a comment. As a result my grammar and spelling have taken a downfall

  10. I have to remind myself to continue to proofread before I hit send. I don't always remember tho.

  11. My first job was at a Rite Aid. One day the manager asked me to clean the women’s room. When I saw the state of it, I burst into tears. He made me go organize the Ice Cream freezer instead.

  12. Don't do that. She's not a child and she doesn't need to be infantilized the way these comments are suggesting. Honestly if you were the girlfriend and she was the boyfriend this sub would be responding differently.

  13. NTA and I don't get the e-s-h or y-t-a comments. You told her that you just happened to be better at certain activities and that there's actually more to intelligence than that and she keeps having adult temper tantrums.

  14. I really hate how this went from OP asking a specific thing, to people checking the subs he's in and talking about his history here even though it doesnt have ANYTHING to do with his post. Why are people speculating about aspects of his life that he did not mention here ?

  15. Exactly! He admitted to it helping him with sobriety but he shouldn't have had to do that because it's completely unrelated to his question. That's the problem with this sub.

  16. I'm surrounded by my people! I just started watching Bluey and it's actually funny. I like the dad, Bandit. Be like him. He's not afraid of his inner child and he indulges it.

  17. I kinda don’t care about the future of this show because of how good his character and story is compared to everyone else so far.

  18. That's how it is in the GOT universe. Your car character is probably gonna die. I think the next season will absolutely be worth watching.

  19. That looks so hard to swallow. I guess I'm not a throat goat like I thought

  20. he's gonna know what stank coochie smells like at an early age, this is more a way to ensure your child turns out gay

  21. This is just ignorance. AA that never lived in Jamaica don’t understand what living is Jamaica is like and vice versa. You have 2 parties with this perception of one another and it’s far from accurate.

  22. No, I'm talking about Ash and the person that Warren was replying to wasn't even AA. They were Canadian and if east African descent.

  23. Remove? I’m more worried about how many hours it took to put on. I feel like removal would be pretty easy, use a garden hose to spray most of it off, and then around the face and stuff remove it more carefully.

  24. Daaamn. Imagine she had an unrelated medical emergency, like a car crash where she needs multiple days worth of hospitalization and surgery, this could actually be dangerous to an extent.

  25. Sorry, I meant it took 5 hours to apply. Can't say how long it took to remove. I'm going off her insta where she talked about it

  26. I'm not gonna lie there are times I've put on the same pair but I normally just wear it once then put it in the hamper

  27. Circe and The song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Both the narrators for these books were fantastic and so pleasant to listen to. I literally sat for hours in the dark just listening. With other audiobooks I like to do other activities while I listen. Not with these. They demanded my full attention.

  28. I’m really hoping this was limited to the sub I got attacked in, but does Reddit hate Big Mouth? I love the show but watched myself and another get roasted because we simply said we enjoyed it

  29. It does actually. It also blames it when a animated show on Netflix gets cancelled and I can't lie and say I haven't done that too. I personally can say the show has made me laugh and each time they come up with a new season I'm gonna watch. I even liked the spinoff. But yeah there's a big hate train for it.

  30. That therapy is the answer to all questions and problems.

  31. To top it off so many ppl online tell others to go to therapy simply because they have views they don't agree with. They think therapy is to get ppl to conform. "What? You you think X? You need therapy!" That's not what therapy is for.

  32. NTA. Driving that far for an even you weren't invited to is stupid.

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