1. Tbh I thought this was a completely different car😭😭 hope ur ok man

  2. Even if u were to reach out, I doubt she’ll make the music you specifically want. She’s already stated she has her next two albums finished, one in Spanish, one in English.

  3. Yeah she tweeted it a few months ago. I don’t think she deleted the tweet so it should still be up

  4. I think apple should update theirs cuz this looks sick

  5. My first introduction to kingdom hearts was the first volume of KH2 manga that I bought at the school book fair in 2nd grade. I didn’t know what the hell was going on but I liked it. My first game ended up being KHDDD which is still my favorite to this day

  6. This shows I have been out of the Pokémon loop cuz I thought half of these weren’t even real abilities 😭😭

  7. Both nice cars! Idk how I feel about that hood on the Supra tho

  8. I just got my confirmation too!! I ordered mine in the beginning of July, what about you??

  9. Nah this is on the left back bumper. Idk how it happened though

  10. Currently playing nothing as mine hasn’t shipped 😂😂

  11. It took me about 2 weeks of actively looking to secure my 86. And it took maybe 2 more weeks for it to get to the dealership.

  12. Lol same, put my deposit late December and picked it up early January

  13. I think it helps that I wasn’t picky about color or if it was an AT/MT.

  14. I beat my biscotti Giannios up, I’m going to need a new pair 💀

  15. I can't believe I woke up to an email saying my Odin Lite has shipped! I ordered mine June 26, 2022 , so I didn't expect to get it so close to Russ who ordered his over a year ago. Mine is the 4gb RAM + 128gb Solid White and I never got an email about a RAM upgrade. DHL estimate says by next Friday, can't wait!

  16. Sweet pic. I also have that Akina speed stars license frame lol

  17. Hold up, 10 years!!! How much was that if you don’t mind?

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