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  1. Mine is 18 and I'm married. So that seems high.

  2. What? Are you implying being married should automatically make you more stressed?

  3. When this happened I didn't know anything about it as I was head down at work. The first I knew about it was when I received several hysterical voice mail messages from my sister. She was calling me, but because the mobile network was jammed up due to the incidents, it kept going straight to voicemail. She thought this meant the worst.

  4. Look at GitHub actions. You can run a workflow triggered by both of those.

  5. How foggy it is here apparently.

  6. It cannot sync to Garmin only from Garmin.

  7. I used to work with a guy. If you went for a drink after work he'd always go straight to the toilet so he didn't have to buy the first round. This is because generally some people will go home before it is his round, or we might never get to his round.

  8. Just buy Sekiro to play for the second time since playing on PS4 before the pandemic and realize how terrible you are all over again while slowly accepting 60fps won't save you then drink/cry yourself to sleep with near-beer and still wake up with a hangover. Stadia the best.

  9. Sekiro looks beautiful, but is unplayable unless you are actually samurai. So upset as I want to enjoy it.

  10. Did you get on the beers as soon as you got home? If I drink then my stress looks like that for a bit.

  11. I wondered if it was a weird Mandela Effect! I remember my Dad saying I didn’t need to worry about it as there would never be interest added.

  12. They only add interest at the rate of inflation. So it goes up at the same rate money devalues. So arguably you can buy the same amount of Mars bars with it at any point.

  13. I have Google 1 with 2TB storage. I back everything up to it.

  14. Identical to me. I also do the same thing on my Windows laptop,v and phone. So anything I download is synced with my Chromebook, Windows laptop, and my Android phone.

  15. dep says:

    The options are to insert into the current note or insert into an existing note. A third option to make a new note would be nice.

  16. Type a note name that doesn't exist. That will create a new note.

  17. This one makes my whole body convulse. It makes no sense.

  18. Having purchased a car with adaptive cruise, it really taught me a lot about how I, and everyone else, follows WAY too close.

  19. Diving at a safe distance is the number one best piece of advice you can give a driver.

  20. Are you sure it wasn't Tyler Durden?

  21. When you hit "up," you see options for navigation and for training. Choose your training plan/workout, then press "up" again and choose "navigation" to pick your course or PacePro plan.

  22. Start your run. Say yes to training plan Hit lower left button to exit out of the start screen. Hit middle left to bring up options. Select the pace pro or course Say yes to navigate Hit top right start button to begin.

  23. Every service that supports 2FA gets it enabled. I only enable one form of 2FA, and I enable the strongest one. In rough order, strongest first:

  24. This, but I go with TOTP first via Yubiauthenticator. For me this is like a combination of your first two. The reason is I have a USB-C/NFC key and sometimes it's really inconvenient if I need to access something on my phone, which only has USB-A.

  25. Ok, that works. I assume your phone doesn't have NFC? That's the whole reason I got the NFC key!

  26. I've got two keys so that limits the blast radius. The 32 limit is for FIDO I think (I'm not an expert on these things).

  27. A theater app, omg! I absolutely love plays and my university is super close to the theater (theatre?) district, so thank you!

  28. Also if you are going to take trains around the UK look into a Young Person's Rail Card. Huge discounts.

  29. I’m an American whose been to London a few times and my advice: most londoners are actually quite nice, the tube is a lovely, rather clean, quick way to get around, see a show in the West End and for the love of Pete go to tea at Harrod’s. It’s the loveliest, most British thing ever (at least to this yank)! Have fun, mate! 🥳

  30. I'm a Londoner and we can be seen as unfriendly because we don't strike up conversations with each other on public transport. However, if you find yourself in need of help (fallen over, badly lost, pushchair broken, etc.) there will be heaps of people who want to help you.

  31. How so? Android auto is a projection from your phone. Your phone is sending a video and audio signal. That would be like saying Netflix on my blu-ray player stutters so it's got to be the tvs fault.

  32. This is definitely not true. I've got a 2018 Nissan. AA in that is fine but when it starts it is a bit hit and miss. The car is in the shop and I have a 2019 Vauxhall courtesy car. AA is so snappy.

  33. I have a 2018 UK Leaf Tekna and the headunit is dire with Android Auto. Slow to respond, constantly disconnects, freezes or reboots with both of my phones. One trip I made it crashed, froze or reset 80 times!

  34. Yep mine is a 2018 Nissan Leaf N-Connecta. It's similar, but not bad enough to need replacing.

  35. And because he (miraculously) survived this, it’s going to reinforce the idea that he doesn’t need one. Idiots love confirming their own idiocy.

  36. To be fair a seatbelt is counter productive in some types of accidents. I'm only still alive because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt in a crash I was in.

  37. I think the only kind of crash where a seatbelt would be bad for you would involve crashing into a lake.

  38. I was in the back seat of a car hit in the side by a car traveling at 100mph. I'm the only person who survived the accident. If I'd been wearing a seatbelt I'd have been trapped where the other car ended up.

  39. Making a serious software move is a golden opportunity to discard unnecessary files, to rewrite or remodel them to suit your newer ideas or frameworks, etc.

  40. This. I did the conversion and then moved things one at a time. I have uploaded the output to Google Drive as the search is good. This way if I want to find an old item I search, move, and convert.

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