1. I had asked to skip this one but just messaged them. Can’t pass on trying this eye cream!

  2. Do you like MZ skin? The line has placenta serum that I want to try to replace BR with.

  3. The rest and revive? I had a mini and it broke me out slightly so I didn’t open the full size. I have their entire product line so will likely give it a second go at some point 😁

  4. Glad I remembered to skip this month, they took forever to post spoilers this round

  5. Do you like elta md or that blue sunscreen better? I. Am trying to find a spf is there one you recommend?

  6. I haven’t tried the Elta yet but I loveeee the blue sunscreen, it’s Ultra Violette

  7. I saw a dermatologist on Instagram share Vanicream facial wash as a hand wash and I’ve been using that now and love it! Super hydrating. I prefer it to Grown Alchemist or Aesop since this one is unscented. I know it’s not “lux” but feels that way

  8. I did yag laser in 2016 on almost my entire body and the hair has stayed off. I didn’t do any maintenance so do have very tiny and sparse hair which I barley notice. I’m sure if I did a session or 2 it would go away. I do think the skill of the person using the machine is important and makes a difference

  9. I know you said North York but if you’re willing to travel a bit, Studio Heather is one of the best in the city

  10. For me tight hips or calves can cause this. Stretching them regularly has helped

  11. I like Decree and Bioeffect. I’m curious about Royal Fern and will open those products next :)

  12. If your friend used a debit card and credit card then yes, they can look up the transaction using last 4 digits of the card she used.

  13. Going to jump on and ask what if we have the receipt but are outside the 30 days. Do you know if they offer store credit?

  14. Thank you both for your help! Maybe I will let it go. Have to get better at doing returns asap :(

  15. Has anyone tried this product? Interested in hearing how it worked out for you. I have one in my stash unopened

  16. I had the same thought and purchased the Dr.Dennis Gross one and have literally only used it once haha. I’m sure you’ll be more consistent. If you want to use it everyday, then I would do so right after cleansing/toning for a minute or so. I saw someone on Instagram had a feel about it. If you want to use it for longer, then I would do so during an at home facial - similar to how the esthetician does.

  17. I have noticed a difference with this but I prefer the Sunday Riley version which is made specifically for the scalp

  18. I've been using the good genes as a scalp mask since I have a flakey scalp and it irritates my face. I feel like it's been really good at cutting down the dandruff.

  19. Thank you for this suggestion. I have so many bottles of good genes and can use them this way instead

  20. you're welcome! just make sure to not overdo it, i do 1-2x a week since I have dry sensitive skin. I heard about glycolic acid as a hair treatment and i thought why not try using another AHA like so? I may also try it as a deodorant since ahas are supposedly good for preventing odor.

  21. That’s really smart, I never thought about using it this way. Right now I’m using the Sunday Riley scalp serum. Yep they are, I’ve used the glycolic acid as one before and it does help!

  22. Post edited. This all went down about 4 weeks ago. I think that ship has sailed, sadly.

  23. Ah I was thinking this coming weekend. In that case, just send a message checking-in and if the conversation goes well, see if she’s up to grab coffee or something. If you’re still thinking about it 4 weeks later, might as well give it another shot. And if it doesn’t work out, at least you know you tried

  24. How do you wash silk pillowcases? Silk clothing usually require hand washing or dry cleaning. Is that what you do for the pillowcases? Sound like some much trouble! Any tips?

  25. I hand washed the first few times and it was too much work lol. Now I put them in a laundry bag and then use the delicate cycle with cold water. I also use a gentle silk detergent vs. regular detergent, and then hang to dry.

  26. I got one from Amazon and a few from Slip (mostly on sale). I order Slip but like to alternate as I wash them all together. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll wear the silk cap/turban instead which I feel like makes a greater difference

  27. IT operations, now 3rd level support, for me, although those ops jobs seem to be getting few and far between. Putting out fires, fixing things, shift work. I was doing that decades before adhd diagnosis and damn, was I lucky that’s what I fell into.

  28. I also found it by chance pre-diagnosis and it makes sense why it worked out - my role isn’t called operations specifically but I like to think of it as such

  29. Operations, working in a high pressure environment putting out fires is the push I need to get things done lol

  30. I experience this more when medicated. However, I have noticed when I make a cautious effort to have protein for breakfast, sleep well, and keep up with my walks - I’m in a better mood overall. I know they seem like small things but it helps me a ton

  31. I am struggling with the same behavior!!! Feel useless after scrolling but feel empty without it. I dread seeing my screen report each week. Also struggle responding to texts and calls. I’ll receive and read them mid-scroll, tell myself I’ll respond after reading this one last article or comment, then forget about it for days. Makes me harbor a lot of guilt. Wish I had advice, just want to express you are not alone!

  32. I get 100% almost every night for 3 years now. I’m also sober and love my bedtime routine that starts at 8pm :)

  33. I love Dr. Andrea Cosmetic MD. I got to her for IPL and Botox and she’s wonderful.

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