1. Honestly it's hard but it's such a great trail up from Colden. Why wouldn't you do it?

  2. Correct me if I’am wrong but old mate did jump out and he was smoking was he not..

  3. Smoking from javelin exploding in the tank first? Or smoking from the cooked off ammo explosion number 2?

  4. What are your degrees in and GPA? Which DCO community would you apply too?

  5. Yeah that is quite a wild statement. as an officer I’ll say I’ve met some brilliant enlisted sailors and some idiot officers, but as a medical officer I’d like to meet one enlisted with more education than I was as a LT.

  6. I enlisted in the Navy as an IC at 29 years old with a master’s degree because I couldn’t afford to pay back my student loans even after getting hired in the field I had gone to school for (elementary school teacher). I’m still paying off the debt, but at least I was able to get another master’s (in a more lucrative field) with my Post 911 GI Bill. I’ll admit it was hard to swallow my pride as I counted the officers’ dirty underwear and lugged their dirty uniforms to and from the laundry room as well as scrub their toilets and showers and vacuum their rooms like hotel room service when I did my 3 months of “cranking” on the Truman. Meanwhile, the enlisted sailors had to stand in line for hours for food or waiting on their turn for a washing machine. I never understood why an officer’s time and energy is treated like it’s more valuable. The officers will be saying “One team, one fight” out of the side of their mouths while they’re having tea time in their staterooms/ward rooms/ready rooms. I think that extra special treatment for them is unbecoming, and quite frankly they should be ashamed for living the good life on a freaking war ship while the enlisted sailors suffer mentally and physically. Rant over. Thanks.

  7. But why didn't you commission? I agree the E and O disparity in the navy is bullshit. But why did you enlist?

  8. Yeah.... I am a prior and an EDO. I have a lot of questions about this post.

  9. The complet mismanagement and utter failure of the feds in the Bundy situation has done nothing but emboldened these crazies.

  10. Where do you see this? I went frame by frame and didn't see anything.

  11. You sure couldn't see a lot but the way he was blown back if he's not dead, he's at least full of holes or has a TBI from a blast that close.

  12. It's hard to tell if the explosion knocked him down, or if he was reactively flinching downward. Either way, the flash looked like it was close enough to be deadly.

  13. Have you ever been near a firing missle or exploding bomb? Of not, let me tell you it's so muchore violent than your phone will show. This dude is fucked.

  14. That's why I took my waterproof pack out bag, turned it inside out to grab them, and flip the bag around with out touching them. Can never be too safe. The bag got a rather long scrub when I got home.

  15. Do you think that sock had a happy existence before you carried it out 🤢?


  17. I didn't realize this type of post was that recurrent. I wouldn't have posted had I known. I have been to breweries where the only IPAs on tap were hazy. I tend to frequent "fridge" type spots when going out now. The variety is much larger and though it's not technically a brewery, it has that same vibe

  18. Pleas never us "Hazy" is not "IPA", we must spread the knowledge.

  19. OP cancel internet or change the password right now. Prepare for battle, but she'll leave to play some where else.

  20. It's just not built correctly. Best you could do is, as was said, tarp it when it rains.

  21. There are so many unanswered questions here. Like was she pulled over because the weaving may be from a DWI but once they spoke with her they found there was no issue? Could they pull her DMV info and verify insurance, license and ownership? Why is a brown women at a Trump rally? What sort of Stockholm syndrome does this person have?

  22. Considering it's head is half the size of the zebra I would say this is an off day.

  23. Set up auto bill pay or give your parents power of attorney to pay your bills.

  24. There is no reason in 2022 to need to give someone a power of attorney to pay your bills, if you're joining the navy. Why would you go through all that trouble for a power of attorney when all the systems and technology exist to avoid the chance of someone legally stealing your money?

  25. Wouldn’t it be better to set up an account with navy federal though, I heard it comes through faster and stuff

  26. They are pretty much all the same. I personally love my USAA account and do banking and insurance through them.

  27. Kim can't send his people out of NK for any reason. Even poor as Russia is filled with food, smart phones, flat-screens, grocery stores, fast food, and garbage worth more than anyone in NK's army makes in a year.

  28. My guitar playing is really taking off because of theory. But, that's because I use it in practice to understand what I am playing and make the sound I want. That's what I want out of it.

  29. Learning the triads and their inversions across three strings (started with D - G - B, accidentally figured it out on a banjo) absolutely changed the way I play guitar. God bless you mark Knopfler.

  30. Yeah inverted chords are magic stuff like one finger being moved for major to minor and progressions.

  31. Thanks for the reply. No I haven’t. Honestly, we’re realistically thinking about what we would do in the possibility that I get overseas orders. My “wish list” is all stateside.

  32. So your wish is to get away from you wife for a bunch of years? As a JO? Why?

  33. LOL! I seriously appreciate the reply but the comment was saying my wish list is NOT to leave my wife and stay in the US

  34. OK, just making sure. But to answer your question her staying with you all depends on the SOFA agreement. Most of the time they will need a visa and are going to be limited to that countries visa policy, i.e. Japan is 90 days.

  35. Algonquin from lake Colden is the hardest 2 miles in the park in my opinion.

  36. Wait until hunters find out that if you're hunting deer, elk, or moose that they see color and interpret objects like garbage and really only discern movement. That when deer hunting a flannel probably breaks you up as well as $600 Sitka.

  37. I thought I read something about tioga point being closed due to an electrical issue.

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