1. Except cable has ads every 20minutes, its like watching youtube, except you dont get to chose what you watch and when you watch it, other than having a say in watching the first airing in the afternoon or the second airing at dawn, except there are only a few people who make up that niche group, who has every streaming known to mankind, so having the few more popular of them, Netflix, D+ and HBO(we have these 3), and that comes up to around 30$, very roughly. While cable still costs 80 something $ a month

  2. Your gonna get a lot of horny messages from a lot of very not teenager people

  3. Edgy 15 year olds when a huge online community doesn't promote bigotry

  4. Bro definetly goes to a chiropractor now, bwcause that reach sure as shit hurt their back

  5. Idk about it being emo, but bi for sure, Hollywood Undead has some bangers, but its more punk, 21p has some of mine favourite music, falling in reverse is also a good band

  6. Jesus christ what backwater shithole do you live in that the people actually think shit like that

  7. I live in Hungary and a few days ago there was an article that said "Beautiful woman showed her bare breasts on the Oscar gala", a day later the righr wing paper that published this found out that the woman was in fact Hunter Schafer, imo the prettiest woman on the Earth and they quickly changed the headline to "Transexual man showed his bare breasts on the Oscar gala". You could imagine how the comments were, fml i hate living in this shithole

  8. I got 21.11 from sqrt((14/cos(40))²+(8/cos(50))²) and that should be the correct answer

  9. I mean this is a sitcom drama whatever, the point is that it builds on situations, there is no strong narrative other than the friendgroup hanging out, eg. in the Office the whole plot is the character working at DM. I have seen way too many comments saying that the deaths are pointless, what was the point of the camping episode in gen2? What was the point of the the russian trip in gen1? Its just part of the story, besides I think Chris dying gave a "good" ending to gen1. I hoped they explore the psycho therapist a little more, but I guess not. Freddie's death also gave some depth to his character imo, defending the girl he loves, at least dying while trying to. Grace's death is like meh for me, the whole gen3 season was ass

  10. No, for me too, i like greeting people with a hug, the homies, girl friends, but when my mom randomly comes up to me in the day and hugs, i feel like ass, i feel like i need to hide awqy in my room

  11. I once spent around 4 hours in excel to make a cubic solver, like all from scratch, it could even bring equations to the simplest forms, it was crazy, but there was one little thing, once your numbers in excel get under a specific line, excel makes crazy rounding on them, like irrational rounding, but even if it werent for the rounding, when the equation's discriminant was negative and the trigonometric functions came into the formula, it didnt work at all. So effectively my spreadsheet worked around 20% of all cases. Good thing I had COVID so even if I wanted to, I couldnt waste time with going out

  12. Brought to you by Paperstreet Soap Company

  13. Would call it intulrusive thoughts, more like a normal wet dream, real intrusive thoights are stabbing your teacher with a pen, or pushing someone in traffic

  14. HDR would be a nice addition, maybe an other sniper that can oneshot

  15. Shipment is the key to leveling up faster, getting your guns maxed put, etc. What ruined cod is cod, if we had a credit system for leveling up our account, getting attachments, new guns. And we could get credits when winning a game, or losing but having an above average score, maybe having a different score for being objective, so it also encourages being an objective player. Trust I would nit be quesing shipment 24/7 all the time if the gameplay would be solid enoigh to hold up on other maps.

  16. Its a full dickhead move to just unload this kind of shit in the first few messages

  17. Its not the flavoured air, its the nicotine in it, if you havent had a nic rush, you dknt know how good it feels to feel sedated and leave all the stress and all the shit behind for some time, snus and smokes do it better for me, but i dont say no to vapes

  18. I think that chill drugs, like acid and weed should be legal, party drugs should be government controlled, like pharmacy stuff and aggressive drugs should be illegal

  19. Its crazy how every boomer want to explain mental illnesses as being goofy and having a silly mood.

  20. Yet an other proof of the impotence that the devs have in making good maps, no fucking wonder why they showed farm 18 rather than any other of the 10 maps, since its the only usable one so far. Mercado LasAlmas is also not bad, but I feel like the spawns are a little jacked there. I dropped the game after the release of season 2, maybe if I will be bored in the summer I finish the camo grind, but I will not be spending money on cod until ColdWar 2 comes out, if it will be just as half as good as ColdWar, it will be a masterpiece, not even talking about Zombies, thpusand times better than coop

  21. If your main concern is making lgbtq unable to live in your country, ban prides, ban dressing in the opposite sex's clothes, etc., then you are one of the most priviliged people in the world, also you have a really big problem in your head

  22. Depends, if you are the lower age is 18, then 3 is fine, if the higher age is 3, then you should be in police custody, both under 18 2 is a huge gap, but over 20, even 10 is okay i think

  23. Its legit just a different picture, she is maybe a little bit slimmer on the right and doesnt wear necklace, still beautiful tho

  24. I usually eat less for breakfast, so that wpuld be fine for me

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