1. I go to Alchimie. Sasha is amazing, always leaving the salon looking like a million bucks

  2. Thanks! I found one close to frankfurter tor on maps, is that the one?

  3. I never really recovered from those 2 years of isolation. Back in 2019, when I first came to Berlin I loved going out and always wanted to do stuff. During the first quarantine, I was so isolated that my social skills and energy went to almost zero. Now that things are "back to normal" I barely go out anymore. Part of me wants to go out because I feel like I'm missing out on life and experiencing all this city has to offer, but the thought of being around large groups of people and socializing makes me mentally exhausted. I basically became a hermit and it sucks.

  4. It’s not easy man, I’ve been here. I was fortunate to have people who pushed me to ‘do stuff ‘ with them. My only suggestion would be not tu turn down any invitation or event that comes your way. It slowly gets better

  5. I agree, I think I can live with the few minor drawbacks. Where I bought mine have none left with the budgerigar switches so I was reluctant to send it back if it was going to have the same issues with the replacement. Hopefully others having similar issues mean it's not a defective unit and maybe we can hope for a software fix at some point. I got in touch with Epomaker support last week and they've promised to send me a "firmware upgrade pack". I'll let you know if I receive it and it sorts the problem.

  6. Great! Do let me know if they send it :)

  7. Quick update for you. Epomaker sent a new firmware update, still the same issues. They suggested trying a new board, which I did, and same issues with that. They then sent an email explaining how the Fkeys are mapped. Their email and an image of how the keys are mapped below.

  8. Thank you very very much for the update, like you say it’s not a dealbreaker but man would it be good to be able to use fn keys as fn keys

  9. If I remember correctly there's an old fashioned shoe shine service along one of the main passageways on the ground floor of the mall of Berlin. I tried to google it but nothing showed up so perhaps I don't remember correctly after all

  10. Thanks! I’ll look for it next time I’m there :)

  11. Cool, just don't go especially because there's a 50/50 chance that I'm wrong!

  12. Haha don’t worry, those stakes I can handle, worst case scenario I end up in the Lego store there 😂

  13. Heya. You may be tying them too tight as the top. I was a skater and had this issue. Tie the base of the foot until snug, and the top just on your foot. They look flimsy…so they may be a bottom heavy boot and that may be causing you issues. If you walk a lot, I’d suggest a light lace to toe boot. Think Danner mountain600…or stronghold; something like that. Light, built on a hiking last, you can snug down the foot area. I’d expect that to sort out the issue. These, to me, don’t look like shoes I’d grab for anything other than looks.

  14. Yes! They are definitely bottom heavy, I’ll try making the foot area a bit snugger and will definitely look into de Danners, these might have been a poor purchase. At least I learned something haha

  15. If the problem is happening when walking a lot they are likely too tight. When you walk a foot naturally compresses downwards. So you foot is essentially expanding and contracting with each step (or when you push off when you skate). You tend to feel it more in skates because the boot is ridged and doesn't flex like leather or material will. So skates you need to make sure the fit is perfect or this issues is much more noticeable. Typically you see this early on with skates but then they break in and stop doing that. But if the skate is too small it will never break in and you will always feel pain over time. So it is the same with this boot.

  16. Thanks for all the info! I agree, sacrificing feet is not worth for a pair of boots haha I’ll try loosening them up a bit in the future.

  17. Whites are one of the most revered boot brand along with Nicks and, maybe Trumans. The latter probably not in the same league as they’re relatively new player in the boot market. But they’re leathers quality and craftsmanship is on par with Nicks/Whites. Customer service, maybe, no not so much.

  18. Thanks for the explanation sir! Given they stand at a lower price point would you assume quality might not be on par with the most established / more expensive models ?

  19. their flagship models use a handwelt or stitchdown construction which is more labour intensive. the perrys, as far as i can see, uses a goodyear welt which can be mechanised.

  20. Hey! I missed your post but hit me up next time you need and extra player!

  21. Tenically inaccurate but perfectly valid opinion :)

  22. Valid questions, I’ll be happy to take them down if they don’t belong here :)

  23. Yeah there are a few. You could look out for the Feker IK75, the NJ80, or the Epomaker TH80. All of those are definitely available on Aliexpress, and perhaps Amazon, depending where in the world you are based.

  24. I just got my epomaker th80, so far so good!

  25. Congrats! And welcome to the rabbit hole my friend. I recently came out the other side of a deep dive on switches, and every other keeb part myself. Tried all different types, tactile, linear, clicky and then different manufacturers within those categories. I'd be more than happy to recommend a couple per category if you'd like that are great switches, loved by the community and some of them are pretty budget friendly. Also, feel free to send me a chat. I love meeting and chatting with new people in the hobby since I am only a few months in myself. Below are the switches I have used, tried and own. I hope this may be helpful for ya! :)

  26. Amazing information, thank you very much! I’ll make sure to try your suggestions!

  27. You could always try a Kaiju clone set, this is one I found for about $30 shipped

  28. Thanks! My only fear of clones would be the quality, but ratings should help a bit with that

  29. Contact the owner and sort it out. If they really pay it, you simply need their information.

  30. The landlord is going to help me get her contract number :) but I don’t know how to contact the rundfunk entity to sort it out. I also don’t know if I should pay this fee or not

  31. If you can't speak German well enough to call them, just go on their website, there is a page where you can put your data and say that this tax is already paid by your landlord (you have to put also their data there, so you need their registration number atc). Once you do that you won't receive letters anymore.

  32. I use a pro controller and have mapped the left shoulder button to jumping, that way I can tap it to short hop while at the same time inputting the c stick to bair without too much effort (besides the initial reverse aerial you might need for the first back air)

  33. The first episode. Couldn’t stand any of the characters.

  34. IIRC I bit off on the "you can reset the BIOS" red herring because I was running way long on time and wound up nuking a hardware RAID 0 - So I did in fact mess up. Windows saw the disk but because it was a stripe it didn't have half the data and was mostly corrupt. If the drive hadn't shown up at all, I might have realized what was going on, but in the time crunch it didn't occur to me. If I hadn't decided to do cable management it probably wouldn't have happened.

  35. Thaaaanks! I needed closure lol. I’m also very sorry you had to go through some very frustrating moments.

  36. May I ask which city are you in? I think that influences a lot. For example, here in Berlin I can’t imagine any cafe where joggers would be frowned upon.

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