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  1. Nah you can analyze and take away pretty deep things from anything.

  2. No one talks about it but Wii Sports is in the best 20 games ever. I think top 7. Maybe the most popular game excluding Mario.

  3. Does that list go by most owned copies? A copy was given for free with every wii

  4. Right but you didn’t have to play it. People played Wii Sports because it was fluid, anyone could pick it up and it was super fun.

  5. Strickland was maybe the highest ranked-worst fighter…ever? Killa Gorilla, Vettori, Bobby Knucks, I think Kevin Holland is better than Sean. Such a slower flat footed fighter his knockout from Alex was too easy.

  6. Pokémon Legends: Mewtwo (second strongest Pokémon?)

  7. One time I did some mushrooms and started at a row of different Hibiscus flowers for like 20 minutes. All I was thinking is, “God you’re on some trippy shit” lol

  8. I came from a poor unkept home. We had roaches but seriously just the roaches here are a valid reason to leave. I can’t imagine what the kitchen looks like when you turn the lights on.

  9. Johto, Kanto, Hoenn (and somewhat Sinnoh) are not going anywhere. The GOAT regions. A lot of people are saying Galar…you’re right.

  10. No Wesker but you got BB Hood so this is valid 🙏🏽

  11. She turned 18 and he turned into Leonardo

  12. “You have small calves” you guys have no idea lmao that’s how yoked this insane guy’s quads are. This guy does a lunge in the push-up position lmao.

  13. I don’t see him mentioned but…Baek Doo San in Tekken Tag 2 was a fucking pest.

  14. Tekken Dark resurrection, he was complete ass whenever I fought against him especially those kick combos he does ... so annoying 🙄

  15. The high/low mix-ups…having some Nam flashbacks rn

  16. Last time someone asked this we got the OP God known as Piranha Pizzle.

  17. Sycamore, we see a ton in Indiana. Teacher told me “the more you go up, the sicker they get.”

  18. I wonder who the stand user is?

  19. Look like a limited edition bag of Doritos

  20. This is a righteous choice. Bloody Roar is an honorable mention. I saw Rival Schools; I loved Alfonso.

  21. I want to say he beats FunkMaster

  22. Yoshimitsu DLC going crazy rn

  23. Gonna get a lot of downvotes but I feel like that episode of South Park where he said “Simpsons did it” except I can replace it with black folk lol

  24. I’ve been watching Izzy for about 5 years now, I would say I’m a pretty avid fan. I just don’t think Alex is fluid enough to win against Izzy. However, his counter-striking and timing is what has me scared. Izzy is a league better than the last time he fought Alex. It will be crazy if this goes to decision, I seriously doubt it does.

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